Friday, March 25, 2011

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A few weeks ago Kyeoungsuk (she says we can call her Christy) and Hyemin (in Korean 이혜민) joined us at Urban Church, they happen to live right across the street. I had a chance to chat with them for a bit and they told me they've been in America for 3 months learning English. They are from Seoul and they are probably the most happy people I've ever met, they just make you smile with their optimism and great spirit. 

We saw them at Community Group a few days after meeting them and they said they wanted to eat burgers, like McDonalds burgers, and right then and there we decided on lunch after church on Sunday at In-N-Out

Needless to say they loved the burgers, and we really enjoyed talking to them and getting to know more about their culture. 

After dropping them off at their place Hyemin put on her facebook: In-and-out!!!! Healthy and very delicious food!!!!!! Thanks to my lovely friends for inviting me and Christy!!! They are nice couple! I love them :) and I thank God for my meeting them and the church! :) 

It put a big smile on our faces, they are wonderful girls and the next time we meet with them they promised to cook Korean food for us so we are excited to try the real deal. 


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