Friday, February 26, 2010

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I woke up Wendesday with a little bit of a sore throat, I just pretended it wasn't there, drank a lot of mint tea with honey and kept on going with my day. Yesterday it got a bit worse and I think I broke the record of times sneezed in a day, but I went to work, and went I got off my K and I went to our Pastor's house to sign the marriage license (my husband stayed to played Wii in honor of Amanda's birthday), right after I had a meeting in regards to The Bridge and when the meeting was over I went home.

I was exhausted, not because it was an unsually long day, thursdays are usually like that, but instead because I got worse and worse throughout the day.

But my K had everything ready for me when I got home. My favorite cup with mint tea, all sorts of medicine to help me feel better and a vick vaporub inhaler guy that works great. He also got me soup and made sure the bed was warm for me (he used a rubber water bottle, they are the best) and at risk of getting sick he held me until I was too warm and asked him to stay on his side of the bed haha. Isn't he wonderful? God was too good to me when He crossed our paths.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

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This is Rusty, he's been with us from the get go. He guards our hammock day in and day out without complaining, Rusty is a great guy and we love him.

Charlie is our new acquisition. My friend Kyle gave her to me at Foveo Defero. When my K and I saw Charlie sporting some of Kyle's hair pieces we knew it was love at first sight. After telling Kyle countless times how much we loved Charlie she decided to give her to us, and we were sooooooo happy. Charlie is beautiful and smells really really good.
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Since I posted the pictures of our most recent wedding, I thought it would be a good idea to post pictures of our first wedding. So here we go.


The invitation in Spanish and in English. It was poster size and we had tons of fun rolling them and tying them with hemp yarn; everybody loved them even though some people weren't sure if they were getting invited or not. We really liked them.

We decided to have both the ceremony and reception at a hotel in the colonial neighborhood in Bogota. El Hotel de la Opera is really two restored houses from the XVI century "The two buildings that make up our hotel today were originally homes of the some of the firts settlers who were granted land rights by the Spanish crown. The homes later housed the personal guard of South American liberation hero Simon Bolivar."

Our families, we are missing Poppa, 3/4 of the Buttons, Jana, Sari, Deb, Helton, Debra, Victoria, Milena and Juli... but it still turned out to be a great pic.

First Kiss

First Dance
I could keep uploading pictures all night long, I just loved my wedding so much. But I need to go to bed now, aw all this wedding pictures make me want to eat wedding cake and watch the video of our wedding.... hmmm maybe tomorrow =D

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Our families left San Diego, and here we are on Wednesday, going back to work, not being able to see each other all that much, and missing all the fun, crazy people around us. The good news is that we have barnyard at home from netflix, and we got two nice one hour back massages that we will be using soon!
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We had quite the busy day monday. First SeaWorld, we had lunch with the dolphins and a fun time walking around and looking at the animals.

After that we went to the Harbor and walked around and then we sat down to look at the sunset.

And at the end of the day we went to the hotel where K's family was staying and had some S'mores. I was exhausted when I got home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Sunday esposo and I got married in America. Our first wedding in Colombia was beautiful and very traditional, so we decided to have a different one here. We wore orange, went to the beach, invited good friends and family and got married. It was a great time and I am finally Mrs. Luehmann both in paper and in spirit.

This man wanted to sing a song to us, he didn't really know us but he walked by our "ceremony" at the beach and when he saw what we were doing he said he wanted to sing a song. So we asked him to wait for the ceremony to be over and then he sang.

My Grandpa was in San Diego, so it was nice to share with him.
My mom and my K's mom are both so darling, we love them very much.
That LOVE sign was in the water between the rocks when we got there to get married, isn't that a fun coincidence?

Happy second wedding my love!

Monday, February 22, 2010

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This is Kyle, she is a sweet, talented lady that came up with a great idea.

This is Mel, she thought it would be great if we could raise money for The International Justice Mission and work for those who have been abused and neglected. So she decided maybe a benefit concert would help us not only raise awareness but also funds.

When Mel told Kyle and I about the Concert we thought it would be tons of fun but then we realized we would need some money to put it together and bring the bands we wanted to bring. And our budget was... well 0.

And here is where talented Kyle's idea comes into play. She creates hair pieces and journals and makes all kinds of fun stuff. Obviously she has a lot of friends that, like her, are creative and talented. So she decided to call them all up and ask if they would donate some of their art for a benefit art show.

Her friends being the generous, cool people they are agreed. The coolest part though is that Kyle ended up making a new friend, Tanya (next picture, first to the left). Kyle and Tanya started contacting strangers whose art was just wonderful, and to their amazement art pieces started flying in from all over America.

Fortunately more girls decided to jump in and help with the art show, and we had a great team of smart, charming ladies raising money through art.

Some pieces were small, some pieces were big, but all the pieces were wonderful. We received over 50 pieces total and Kyle donated a good extra 20 pieces of her own things.

We even had a chance to connect with Krochet Kids International and they decided to join us with their fun little beanies, my K decided to model for them as he was falling in love with everyone of the beanies and the story behind them. They couldn't have had a better model... just saying!

The turnout was great, we were able to raise a good amount of money and connect with great people. it was truly a phenomenal experience and we are super excited to keep working to raise both money and awareness for those who unlike us don't have their freedom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

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We have been trying to make our room pretty since we got married, and by finding the cutest duvet cover we believe we are in the right path. Before you ask yeah we have a TV in our room and we watch movies from bed and fall asleep during 80% of them, and we love it. Yeah we know all the studies that link electronics in bedrooms to cancer but... I actually can't think of a good excuse, I guess we have no other option since we live in a small place.

Are we crazy? is this room horrible? Any ideas are welcome, we are looking for a headboard and cute functional nightstands, so if you end up stumbling upon anything let us know!
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K and I have really long days on Fridays so every week when we get home from one of them, we celebrate with long snuggling sessions.

This particular Friday being over was even more exciting than usual because the countdown will be over today. This weekends pictures should be quite amusing!

Have a great weekend

Friday, February 19, 2010

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We try to go to dinner with our friend Amanda once a month, sometimes we fail to get together because of our busy schedules. but this month we could not pass the opportunity to enjoy our Amanders company and sing Happy Birthday to her!