Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Saturday we had one of the most fun days ever. Our church Urban put togetherSpace Makeovers for two single moms. I had one of the most rewarding jobs that day, go with both ladies to breakfast where we would talk about prayer, a Bible reading plan and a what a close relationship with God looks likes. Right after I had to go with them to their hair appointments where they would get pampered and receive tips and care packages from a wonderful ladie that donated her services. And lastly I had to go to lunch with them where we would talk about budgeting and tips to keeping their place organized, clean and functional.

Our friend Adrienne picked them up in a limo from her limo company (she donated the service), and they were both incredibly shocked and pleasantly surprised, and to make the ride even better Ashley from Invisible Children donated her time and expertise as she followed us around with her video camera (she will edit and work on a video for us!). I had a blast and I have to admit that listening to this ladies made me not only pull out a tissue for tears every few minutes, but also put my life in perspective and remember how truly blessed I have been.

The ladies were so blessed by Debbie, her care packages and her sweet spirit, it was an honor being there to experience a community be a blessing first hand. Debbie doesn't even go to Urban, she goes to another church, but the truth is we are all the church and we can always come together to help someone in need.

When we first met them they had only one twin bed, but through First Sunday they were able to get a second bed. They still needed a place where they could have meals together and organization.

Our team was able to organize and clean the 10x10 space where Heidi and her daughter live in. They really wanted a sweet little place for Heidi's little girl so we went with Pink and white. We got them a wide shelf, mounted it to the wall and got them two small stools so they could have meals together and we got them a storage ottoman, a few bins, and some decorative items. They really loved it. Heidi told us she finally felt she had a home for her daughter.

Judith is in a one bedroom apartment with her 4 kids. They all shared one bed, and had close to nothing. Their main need was beds for everybody and creative ways of organizing their space.

Our team was able to come to Judith's place, bring a futton for the living room so Judith's 13 year old boy can have some privacy and a bed of his own. A bunk bed for the 9 and 7 year old boys, and a queen bed for Judith and her 3 year old girl. They told us on Sunday they all had the best night of sleep after not having to share one bed. We also organized their spaces, got a few other pieces, like the storage ottoman in the picture and a storage bench for toys and shoes respectively. They were blown away and we were happy God used us to bless this family.

At the end of it all both ladies had a red carpet service provided for Adrienne (one of the members of Urban) and her limo company. And we all toasted to sparkling cider. It was one of the most rewarding days of my life and I truly saw the church in action as we all pitched in to make this ladies feel their church family cares and is willing to help.


  1. truly an unforgetable day!

  2. I love this Jo! What an amazing blessing!!

  3. Bahaha....I LOVE that red carpet!!! Such a blessing to be a small part of this with everyone. Stoked on new friendships and renewed spirits!!! And, looking forward to more and more that the Lord will be raining down on us!!! <3

  4. Awwww quiero ver todas las fotos!!