Monday, December 23, 2013

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Week 32

It has been two months of a lot of family things going on, sickness, more sickness, family visiting from Colombia, holidays... I don't even know where time has gone. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

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Week 30

Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Week 27 Weight - 11 lb
Inches -
9.5 inches
Like - 
Lemonade and croissants
Dislike -
Nothing in particular

Emiliana moves so much, it's crazy how active she is. I can see her over my skin when I am laying down. Caleb feels her every day at night and talks to her for a bit before we go to bed. I really think she is more active than Antonella, which is kind of interesting considering Antonella NEVER stops moving now.

My sciatica pain is pretty bad at night, but Caleb is amazing at massaging my leg which helps a lot. The weather in San Diego is changing finally and it looks like we are finally dealing with fall weather which is really nice. I am trying to get creative with my clothes, but this belly is so much bigger and wider than A's was that is proving to be a challenge. I still fit in many of my jeans, and a lot of my shirts, but any things are getting really uncomfortable. We'll see how I do for the rest of the pregnancy.

Emiliana feels so much heavier than I remember Antonella feeling. My back hurts like it never did at this point with A, but it could also be because I am carrying an 18lb mini toddler around. I am not throwing up or feeling nauseous at all anymore, which I love. I still feel a little tired but I think we can blame that on A too.

I can't believe I am almost in my third trimester, it has gone by pretty fast, and I am anticipating it going faster with the holidays here. Crazy, I'll have two babies in no time.


Semana 27
Peso - 11 lb
Cintura - 9.5 pulgadas
Like -  Limonada y croissants
Dislike - nada en particular. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

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8.5 inches
10 lb

Baby moves violently and wakes me up at night. She moves a lot when Antonella cries. And I think she likes lemonade a lot. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

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8 inches
8.5 lb Crazy growth spurt. Baby feels like she tripled in size. I weaned Antonella a week ago, and since then the baby is growing faster. Crazy! I still get nauseous every now and then but haven't thrown up, and it's a lot more bearable.

Friday, October 11, 2013

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6.5 lb
7 inches

Caleb has felt the baby clearly now. Antonella started calling the belly "baby" and kissing it. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

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4.5 lb 
5.5 inches

Monday, September 23, 2013

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We wanted to have a gender reveal with family and friends online like we did with Antonella for baby #2, so after hearing ideas from people and looking at creative ways to do it we decided to go with a giant black balloon filled with confetti and streamers. 

I was 18 weeks pregnant when we did it, and since the day I found out I was pregnant I had hoped for a baby girl, nothing against boys, love them! I just wanted my girls to have what my sister and I have, the best friendship in the world. So people would ask me and I would reply with the politically correct answer, it doesn't really matter, but I wanted a girl. 

When I first got pregnant and lost the first baby God spoke to me about having two girls and a third baby (dun dun dun!! we'll see how that goes). So based on that I really thought this baby was a little girl. 

When we went to the ultrasound, on Friday morning, the lady was having fun asking us to close our eyes and having fun with us. She kept referring to the baby as a 'he' though so I thought maybe this wasn't my girl. I decided to be excited about having a little boy because I never wanted my babies to feel like I was disappointed. So I started dreaming about fun baby boy clothes and the relationship he would have with Antonella. Like Caleb's and Angie's! They are awesome. 

For a couple days we waited and then finally Sunday afternoon came. The video apparently didn't work that well so half of our friends and family couldn't watch it, but thankfully we had pictures. Both Caleb and I were truly surprised when we saw pink flying all over. We were having another girl!!! Antonella was having a little sister!!! 

We feel so blessed God has given us two little princess warriors. We are looking forward to meeting this little one and seeing her personality come through. I can't believe I get to raise best friends like my sister and I are.

Friday, September 20, 2013

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Week 19 Weight - 3 lb
Inches -
4.5 inches

Like - 

Dislike -
The heat

This past week we found out we were having another little girl. I love having my sister so so so much that I am exhilarated thinking of the blessing this two little girls have in each other. My brothers are both over a decade younger than me so it's a different relationship, even though I love having them too!

We have been weaning Antonella this week. She only breastfeeds in the mornings when she first wakes up and that is all. And I have noticed a boost in my energy levels, so crazy! 

We decided that even though this baby will have a lot of hand me downs from A we wanted to get her something that was hers, so we went to Old Navy and got her a bathing suit ha. It's so very cute, I'll have to upload a picture soon. My clothes still fit me but they are getting more and more tight and some jeans might fit me but quite honestly they are to uncomfortable to wear so I have started using a hair band through the button hole instead of buttoning them. I am unsure as to what I will wear this fall and winter, it'll be interesting to get creative. 

I have been monitoring my food intake a lot more and trying to eat at least 5 times a day. Usually I get some Greek yogurt as a snack and some fruit and count it as a meal, I just need to make sure I stay healthy for the sake of the baby, and for my sake. Water intake has been a little different, I am supposed to be drinking a gallon a day and not once have I hit that mark, it's a lot of water. 

I've been loving lemonade, and xxx vitamin water, they just taste so very good to me. The heat has subsided a little but it's still hard for me to smile during hot hot days, I try though. 

I am excited to hit half pregnancy week, time is flying!


Semana 19
Peso - 3 lb
Cintura - 4.5 pulgadas
Like -  Limonada
Dislike - El calor

La semana pasada nos enteramos de que este bebe es una niña. Siempre me ha encantado tener una hermana, entonces yo estaba feliz de pensar en la gran bendicion que mis hijas van a tener en la otra. mis hermanos son mas de años menores que yo, entonces es una relacion diferente con ellos, a pesar de que me encanta tenerlos tambien.
Hemos stado quitandole el pecho a Antonella esta semana. Solamente toma leche materna apenas se levanta. Me he dado cuenta de la cantidad de energia que tengo desde que empezamos a darle menos leche materna a Antonella. Es increible como afecta mi energia.

Decidimos que a pesar de que esta bebe va a tener una cantidad de ropa de Antonella queriamos comprarle algo nuevo de parte de nosotros, asi que le compramos un vestido de baño jaja. Es talla 3 meses, tenemos que subir una foto pronto. Mi ropa todavia me queda bien pero esta mas y mas apretada, algunos jeans me quedan pero son incomodos entonces he empezado a usar las bandas elasticas y a dejarme el pantalon sin abotonar. Va a ser interesante ser creativa este otoño e invierno con lo que me voy a poner. 

He estado monitoreando lo que como mas y tratando de comer 5 veces al dia. Usualmente como yogurt griego y un poco de fruta como una de mis comidas, mientras este segura de que estoy comiendo seguido me siento mejor. Tengo que asegurarme de que mantengo al bebe y a mi misma saludable. Se supone que tengo que tomar 1 galon de agua al dia, pero me ha costado mucho trabajo tomar tanta agua, todavia no he logrado tomar todo eso en un dia.

Ultimamente he estado obsesiaonada con limonada y agua de vitamina xxx, saben delicioso jaja. El calor ha bajado un poco pero todavia me cuesta trabajo sonreir cuando esta haciendo mucho calor, pero yo intento. 

Estamos emocionados por la llegar a la mitad del embarazo esta semana que viene, el tiempo esta volando. 

Antonella is just a fun little monkey - Antonella es hermosa, mi loquita

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Friday, September 13, 2013

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

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Fuimos al medico woo hoo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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So day one of our vacation we slept in at home and then headed to LA for some Colombian food (which Antonella loved!!) and some time at The Grove because it is our favorite. Our car was so full you could barely see the baby haha but she got used to it quickly and started the trip with a nice nap. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Week 16  
Weight - 2 lb
Inches -
3.5 inches
Like - 
Hershey's cookies n' cream
Dislike -

We were on vacation this week so the pictures were taken a few days after we usually take them. It was so much fun to be away just the three of us and explore different cities and places. I was able to rest and get some needed time enjoying my husband and my daughter. Caleb and I had he best conversations and loved every second of being together and dreaming together. 

This week nausea persisted, being entertained helped but it is just not going away. I also discovered I may have an addiction to Hershey's cookies n' cream bars, I just want a few squares right after every meal.

We walked a lot during vacation so I was tired a lot. Fortunately I was able to take naps alongside Antonella in the afternoon and that helped my energy levels. I will be going to the doctor later this week and I am excited to hear the heartbeat in their monitors and talk about baby #2 and ask questions and show Antonella more and more things about her brother/sister. I am sure the midwife won't be excited that I am done with my first trimester and just coming, but that'll be fine. 


Semana 16
Peso - 2 lb
Cintura - 3.5 pulgadas
Like -  
Hershey's cookies n' cream
Dislike - Las nauseas

Durante esta semana estabamos de vacaciones entonces las fotos las tomamos un par de dias mas tarde de lo normal. La pasamos muy rico estando solos los tres explorando nuevas ciudades y lugares. Tuve la oportunidad de descansar y pasar tiempo disfrutando a mi esposo y a mi hija. Caleb y yo pudimos hablar y tuvimos las mejores conversaciones, nos encanto cada segundo que pasamos juntos hablando y soñando.

Esta semana las nauseas persisitieron, estar entretenida me ayudo pero definitivamente no se fue. Tambien descubrimos que puede que tenga una adiccion a las barras de chocolate Hershey's cookies n' cream, quiero un par de mordiscos despues de cada comida. 

Durante nuestra semana en vacaciones estuvimos caminando mucho, entonces estuve muy cansada. Afortunadamente pude tomar siestas con Antonella en las tardes y eso ayudo con mi energia. Mas tarde esta semana vamos a ir al doctor y estamos super emocionados por que vamos a oir mas y mas el corazon del bebe en los monitores del hospital, vamos a poder hab;ar del bebe y hacer preguntas y mostrarle mas y mas cosas a Antonella acerca de su hermano/a. Estoy segura que la doctora no va a estar muy contenta con el hecho de que estamos visitandola por primera vez despues de nuestro primer trimestre, pero nada que hacer.