Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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We are expecting a little person!!! 

Last Saturday I wasn't feeling all that well, I was nauseous and tired and all i wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep. We were still in Palm Springs celebrating Thanksgiving week and our niece's birthday so my sister in law, my step mom and I went to the store to buy some cake supplies and some pregnancy tests.

I really thought I just had eaten too much the previous days so I wasn't expecting a positive result, but I did have a little suspicion I could be pregnant. 

We got home, I took one test and went to get Caleb to lock him in the bathroom with me. We talked for a few minutes, laughed at the possibility of a baby and then looked at the test. It was positive! Caleb asked me to wait to tell anyone but it was going to be hard since Angie and Milena knew I had gotten a test.

We came out, hung out with everyone and didn't say anything, but I was so nervous to go the bathroom and pee and maybe find I wasn't pregnant. After a couple hrs my sister in law just asked and we told her, she was so excited. She is wonderful, she understood my thoughts and crazy paranoia. 

We told everyone else in the house, my dad, my mother in law, poppa, our brother in law, my step mom. They were all thrilled, and I was overwhelmed. I went quietly to the room and hid for a few minutes in the closet, what if this happened again? I was so sad after and my due date for that time was November 28th, 2011 so I had been thinking about it. God is amazing!

I composed myself and went outside again, everyone was so happy. We all prayed, my sister prayed for me, my mother in law prayed for me, my dad prayed for me, everyone prayed. I felt covered and protected and loved. So I sent a picture of the test to my sister in Colombia and asked her to let me call my Mom to tell her. She was ecstatic and crying and so happy and I was still concerned. 

We called mom, she was at the movies but she always answers my phone calls. I told her and in the middle of a movie she started crying. She said she'd call me back in an hr. It was kind of comical.

We drove home from Palm Springs that night and as soon as I walked into the house I went to the bathroom to take another test. I was so scared and nervous. And there it was, our second positive. It felt good to see two positives. We got ready to go to bed, and Caleb and I prayed for a while before falling asleep. 

Sunday we woke up early, as soon as I woke up I went in the bathroom and one more time took a test, and once again it was positive. I felt great knowing that with my first pee of the morning I was getting a positive test. Then I went back in the room and Caleb and I read the Bible, our reading plan started with Jeremiah 1 and when we got to Jeremiah 1:5 we knew God was blessing my baby. 

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
      Before you were born I set you apart
      and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

I started crying, crying has become a very common thing around these parts. God was telling me what the tests couldn't confirm, my baby was HIS, set apart and appointed by Him! We came out and told my dad, step mom and little brother. I texted my sister in Colombia, ans she cried with me. My dad remind us of the word He got the day before, earlier when he still didn't know I was pregnant. Isaiah 60:16

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App"Powerful kings and mighty nations
      will satisfy your every need,
   as though you were a child
      nursing at the breast of a queen.
   You will know at last that I, the Lord,
      am your Savior and your Redeemer,
      the Mighty One of Israel."

This little person was God's without a doubt. Somehow I still wanted those tests that say pregnant/not pregnant instead of just having the lines.  I just didn't like the dim line in the other tests. So my dad went to the pharmacy and got me a box of two tests, I took one when I got home after church and took pictures of the word PREGNANT on the screen.                                      
My dad asked me if he could put it on facebook and I asked him to wait. We were thinking of waiting until the end of December just to make sure things were going great, and my dad kept telling us we should just tell, God had already spoken. Isn't it funny how sometimes we ask for a physical confirmation when the Creator of all things has already spoken? We are silly and so faithless in our humanity.
We still wanted to wait, and then yesterday morning God directed us to Isaiah 45:23a.
"I have sworn by my own name;
      I have spoken the truth,
      and I will never go back on my word"
What a slap in the face of God to want to wait. He spoke, He confirmed His word, and now He was reminding us He spoke, we did not need to wait for anything. So here we are letting everyone know we have a baby in my belly. Today we went to the doctor and she said I am due August 5, 2012, so keep us in your prayers and we will keep you posted!

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  1. Dear Caleb and Jo, what a blessing for you guys I am so happy soooo happy and I rejoice with you. It's going to be a boy :)
    I love you both. Please keep me post it and I will be praying for three of you.

  2. Oh I forgot what a beautiful story and the verses God gave you.

  3. Randomly came across this blog and immediately thought...

    In a World :

    -Full of socio-economical and political issues and afflictions.

    -Where there are millions of persons contributing and disseminating useful information to solve cross-boundaries situations.

    -Where multiple skilled minds worked for years, and sweat their souls out to provide a tool as powerful and mindful enriching as the internet...

    There is still people blogging shit about getting pregnant and superfluous and ironic stories about how they can't stop smiling in a planet that seems to be constantly fucked over by the second.

    Who do you think you are ?

    Why are you special ?, so that God provides you with all these happiness and there are millions of other just suffering???

    Please stop overloading the internet with this bunch of useless crap that nobody but you cares about.

  4. ^hey guy, leave them alone..we're all very sorry and sad for you that you have to search the web for happiness to take it down to your own pathetic pessimistic level. Is it a crime to be happy and joyful? They are obviously affecting your life so dramatically. Get a life and stop searching the web to cry over people's happiness that you so obviously don't have.

  5. DAVE MC- No one asked you to read this. So please stop overloading other people's blogs with this bunch-of-useless-comment-crap. Really though? You choose to comment on a stranger's blog instead of doing something about the millions that are suffering? Who do you think you are that in a world full of socioeconomic & political issues- you are commenting and "wasting your time" on something that evidently does not matter to you. Stop being bitter and move on.

  6. Ladies thank you so much!!! We are so excited, and we love that our kid is going to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

    Dave thank you for your comment, you are right there is so much pain and suffering in the world, that we think adding a bit of sunshine is always good. We work for a church and have a chance to see pain real close, so I understand your frustration, but let me ask you, what are you doing to help or mitigate it? We can't just complain about it, we all need to do something.

    Some projects we work with that you might want to check out, they have great ways to get involved.


    Also look in your local community, they most definitely need help and you can contribute your time and maybe even your finances to whatever is going on where you live. Last month we (Urban Church) helped a single mom get a nice, safe and clean place to live, I am telling you opportunities are everywhere. Hope this spurs you on to take action.

    God bless you.

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  8. You are absolutely right...

    I just felt like contributing with 25% of my monthly income. Can I transfer this money to your account. I know you will make a very judicious call on how and where to spend them , yeah ?

    God bless us all.

  9. Actually...
    Can we be partners ??
    I mean; if you have enough time to publish your entire life on such excruciating detail, almost on a daily basis,sounds like an unbelievable deal you should not let pass by.

    I have heaps of people we can turn into giving us a little bit of their hard work to help those in need. What do you say ?

    God bless us all and our business(es)

  10. Dave Mc, we are so blessed that you are interested in our lives. Also, the idea of being partners sounds fantastic. Although, like you said about us being judicious with your money, we are also people who would like to know those personally who we get involved in business with. So, if you would really like to meet up and talk business, we would love it, and believe we could help make some changes in this world full of socio-economical and political issues and afflictions.
    Now, if you were just being rude and flippant in your comments, I would love if you made the choice to stop reading the blog and posting your rude comments. This is a personal blog that My Amazing Wife, and Mother to Be writes and puts her heart into. So, if you dislike it so much that we enjoy our lives, please stop. In your original comment you ask who we are and why we are so special. I want you to know that we are all special, and chosen by God. But, to be living in God's Will is a choice, and we have made that choice, so we have chosen to live life in God's Will, where our strength and Joy comes from. That is why we are so happy. God's provided that happiness for you and all those millions you talk about who are suffering, but you, and them need to make that choice.

    God Bless you buddy,


  11. Jo and Caleb. I'm so incredibly happy for you both. You are going to be wonderful parents. I'm excited to see where the journey of parenthood will take you. The gift of children, will change your life forever, nothing has affected me more, except for salvation of course, then birth of my children. Understanding the depth of God's love for us in a new and exciting way, when I became a mother. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Blessings to you and your new little one.

  12. Im the happiest aunt on earth!! Congratulations to both of you!! You are going to have great, beautiful & blessed kids!!


    And DAVE, come on, get a wife, get friends, get a family, get a LIFE!!

  13. Joa & Caleb I'm soooo happy for you both, I think that over these months of unanswered prayers God had a purpose on his silence and it is pretty clear how much you both have grown around this situation. You're going to be the best parents in the world. Love you both!

    PS: Dave if you don't agree with what it's written here you're free to not read it, there are thousands of other blogs you can put your free time and anger to. God bless you and help you with whatever problem you're going thru.

  14. Well, Dave Mc, It appears more people care about this 'crap' than you think. Seems a few are even concerned about you. So, Dave Mc, are you a problem or a solution in the seemingly effed up world you inhabit. signed, the Grandma of the babe being made and I am awfully interested in this 'crap'. am a little concerned re: you, too, so much anger in such in an awesome being in the making - you know a God search could be good for you. He says if you seek HIm you will find Him if you search for Him with your whole heart. This is a better way to occupy that cranky lil heart of yours. (and would even cure it)