Friday, August 23, 2013

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Week 15
Weight - 1 lb
Inches - 4 inches
Like -  Nothing in particular.
Dislike - The heat

Caleb and I are planning our vacation week. And camera-less we will enjoy Morro Bay, Monterrey, and San Francisco. So I've been planning away, and again not paying much attention to the fact that indeed I am carrying a small person inside of me. But it works great because I may be tired, but I just don't feel it as much, and the nausea lingers, but we pretend it is all good. And yes, being busy explains why Antonella is in pajamas and barefoot in this pictures.

I've been looking like I ate way too much, even though I don't since I am nauseous often. Thankfully with my regular clothes (and not the unflattering white dress), I am able to disguise it. All my jeans still fit perfectly, as do my shorts, and skirts, and pants. This is definitely too much info, but the only thing I've had to buy is bras. It's amazing what pregnancy + breastfeeding will do to your bra size. I must admit I am not enjoying that part one bit.

We still haven't gone to the doctor, but it looks like we will be able to once we get back from our vacation. I am looking forward to our first ultrasound and to talking about this baby with my midwife. We have been able to hear the heartbeat because our friend Courtney is letting me borrow her doppler. That has been so much fun. Antonella doesn't know what's happening when we listen, but we still make her listen and talk to her about the baby. 

Here we go week 16!


Semana 15
Peso - 1 lb
Cintura - 4 pulgadas
Like -  Nada en particular
Dislike - El calor

Caleb y yo hemos estado planeando nuestra semana de vacaciones, y sin camara vamos a disfrutar Morro bay, Monterrey y San Fracisco. Entonces he estado ocupado trabajando, dejando todo listo, planeando y no poniendole mucho cuidado al hecho que estoy embarazada. Pero ha funcionado porque me siento cansada pero como no le paro bolas sigo y me siento mejor. Las nauseas siguen pero yo pretendo que no y despues de un rato se me pasan. Y estar tan ocupada explica porque Antonella esta en pijama y descalza en estas fotos jaja. 

Me veo como si hubiera comido mucho, no tengo barriga de embarazada, sino barriga de comelona jaja a pesar de que no como mucho por las nauseas. Afortunadamente con mi ropa normal (y no el vestido blanco que hace ver todo horrible ja), no se ve nada todavia. Todos los jeans me quedan buenos, y los shorts, faldas, pantalones. Esto es demasiada informacion, definitivamente, pero lo unico que he tenido que comprar es brassieres. Es increible lo que un embarazo + darle pecho a un bebe hace con tu talla de brassiere. Esa parte no ha sido muy divertida.
Todavia no hemos hido al medico, pero parece que una vez regresemos de nuestras vacaciones vamos a poder ir. Ya quiero ver el primer sonograma y hablar de este bebe con nuestra doctora. Gracias a nuestra amiga Courtney y su doppler hemos podido oir el corazon de este beb, es increible lo que se siente cuando oyes el corazon de los bebes. Antonella nunca sabe que esta pasando pero hacemos que oiga con nosotros y le hablamos del bebe.

 Ok semana 16 aqui vamos.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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We went to the beach while our family was here in town, and even though we were not ready to walk into the water Antonella decided she was just going to run for it. So we took her clothes off and decided to let her jump in. She was loving it so much, she drank some salty water, she fell, she scratched her knees, but not one tear, just giggles. Also isn't her little tushy just adorable? we are those parents that let her kid run around naked for a bit haha, so bad.

This baby might be half Colombian, but the ocean is in her veins.

Monday, August 19, 2013

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The most outstanding cake!!

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A few months ago Caleb and I were talking about discipline, and when we should start disciplining Antonella, how to do it, what that looks like and all that stuff parents talk about. We asked a few people we know who have kids and we respect them and their parenting, and we got all sorts of feedback. And then we just put it in the back of our heads for a few days. 

I had to study to teach a class at the School of Ministry on heaven and hell and as I was studying the Tabernacle God gave Moses so he would recreate it here on earth (God showed Moses what it looks like in heaven and Moses didn't have to come up with a brand new idea, he simply had to do what he saw), I felt challenged to do the same with Antonella. 

Caleb and I started talking and we realized we asked people how to discipline our daughter but we never asked God. He created her, He knows her better than anybody else, He gave her purpose, and He obviously knows how we should discipline and when. So we decided to do exactly that, start praying and asking God to give us a piece of heaven to bring to earth in our disciplining of Antonella, actually in our raising of Antonella. We want to do only what He has already planned for her.

As we were reading Revelation we were reminded that the rainbow is actually a part of the throne of God, a part He gave us as a reminder of a covenant, and we realized the rainbow, like Antonella's life is a piece of heaven on earth. So that's how we decided to have a rainbow party for her first birthday, as a celebration that we don't have to raise this baby alone (which is amazing because we have no clue what to do haha), and as a way of celebrating that with God we get to bring heaven to earth.

We were so blessed by all the people that came and celebrated with us. Thank you so much for coming and celebrating our daughter and God's favor over our lives. We live far away from family and God has truly given us a wonderful church family. We love you all!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Pinterest is a problem in my life, I see ideas there and I want to execute them all, some are good, some are bad, some are impossible. Well I saw this idea to fill the crib with balloons on the morning of baby's birthday and that sounds fun and all except when your baby thinks crib time means I gotta sleep and I just woke up, and why am I still in this crib, get me out, get me out, get me out, get me out!

So out she went and a balloon party continued in her bedroom. For about 40 minutes Antonella kicked confetti filled balloons while Caleb and I took pictures, and laughed, and played with her. It was a fun way to celebrate her birthday morning. Thank goodness no balloons popped!

More pinterest ideas coming soon haha.