Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Our heater is broken and I am so excited we got this little heater from costco. It keeps me warm and I love it. As much as love cold weather I don't like being cold so this heather is making me love the weather again... yay

Friday, November 26, 2010

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 Maddie turned 4 today she's very serious about that

 So pool Mamma made a cake for her that looked like a carousel and Maddie and I helped her

It's not easy trying to put a cake together with a toddler but Mads did great 
 Ang and Soph were patiently waiting to see the end result

 And we were done, cool tasty carousel cake was awesome!

 Mads love all of her gifts, I think Woody was her favorite. She said "Daddy knew what I wanted" when she opened it.

 Soph was loving some of the gifts too

 Maddie is so big and beautiful, we are so happy we got to celebrate with her.

She requested Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and it was a great idea. 

 Sophie loved it...

Not as much as the cake though. 

Happy Birthday Mads. We love you!!!
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Our TV was working fine and then boom white screen, no sound and the TV was gone. So we decided we had to start doing research about Black Friday's deals. And we ended up wearing warm clothes and leaving at 2am to try and get a new TV at a very discounted price. 

And we did, we got a 32'' for $399 and they were giving a free WII with two games with it. We sold the WII and the TV was super cheap.

Good job honey!
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We didn't take many pictures on thanksgiving because it's a day to just enjoy with family but we did manage to capture the two little crazy munchkins that we have as nieces. We hadn't seen them in so long, they are so grown up since we last saw them. 

Dinner was great, we had a wonderful time and it was so nice to see family!! 

Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Our nieces Maddie and Sophia are coming to California for thanksgiving and I cannot wait to see them. We haven't seen them in so long, I feel like they won't know who I am when we see each other, more so with Sophie because last time I saw her she wasn't even a year old. But Angie, my sister decided to ask Sophie if she wanted to see us and even though My husband (dogdog) was a bit sad after the video, I LOVED IT!!

I want to see you too Soph, thanks for the video Ang, we love you guys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

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So husband and I hung out with Ms. Kamilah today, she brought some paint and paint sheets and we painted our afternoon away. She said so many incredibly funny things, she is really one of the smartest, cutest little girls I've met. She used properly the words flabbergasted, flustered and inspiration among other incredibly big words and she's only 5!!!

After painting we had dinner, went for frozen yogurt and came back home to watch Monsters Inc. 10 minutes into the movie Kamilah and I fell asleep though and My K just took pictures and watched the movie alone.

We can't wait to hang out with her again!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

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 It was raining in San diego this morning!!! Crazy and exciting because I got to wear my rain boots and take my fun umbrella out. I love sporadic rainy days (key word: sporadic)

 My lovey got me flowers today, such a wonderful husband God gave me. 

We had some friends over tonight for dinner and chit chat. We love having people at our home and we don't get to do it as often as we'd like to because K's work is so time demanding. But we decided we had to make an effort and cook for friends so we invited the Millers and the Basses over and we had a great time.

Gibson was here with us and he's grown so much, it's incredible what a difference a few weeks can make in a baby's life. He's such a cutie. For dinner I made chicken stroganoff, white rice and sauteed green beans, everybody liked it so I feel pretty accomplished right now. We are going to try to host dinner for friends once a month once 2011 rolls around, we'll see how that goes. 

We are so happy our friends got to come and we got to spend time with them, hope we can get together again soon!! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Faith turns 6 tomorrow, so her parents, our pastors, threw a little birthday party for her and I went to celebrate Mrs. Brinkman.

There were Mickey and Minnie Mouse cakes, tons of fun gifts and we played Wii, you can see Bishop totally distracted by the original Mario. 

We are so happy we get to see our friends kids grow up and we get to be a part of their lives, it's exciting to see children mature, change, grow and turn into amazing little people with the world in their hands. 

Happy Birthday Faithers, we love you