Sunday, March 13, 2011

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As you have probably noticed I have incredible roots, and by incredible I mean dreadful! Well since our income is very limited I keep pushing my hair appointment back further and further but it's gotten to a point were I can barely look at the roots in the mirror without cringing. Chuck was pretty fat, so we thought maybe we could share with me and I could get a haircut with what he carries in his belly.

Turns out Chuck is one deceiving little pig, he has in that belly a lot more than we thought he did so I have made my hair appointment for the 17th of this month and Caleb went to the bank to exchange the rest of the money into bills and we put them in Chuck's girlfriend who was a gift pool momma sent us, hopefully we can keep filling them up and hopefully we can eventually take that trip to Turkey to visit Caleb's aunt. 

Below Chuck and his girlfriend, and please don't judge me for the book next to Chuck's girlfriend, they are addicting books ok!



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