Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Antonella week 41
Lots of pool time and beach time this week. And with memorial day weekend there was also a lot of sun. Antonella visited her first roller coaster-type amusement park this week (she had been to Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo, but they don't count to me). knott's berry farm. We had an awesome time and Antonella behaved beautifully, except for the cranky attitude on the ride up, in a 15 passenger van, with 14 other people. They all were loving and gracious toward her. 

It was also the first time she ever touched the ocean, she loved it, she ran toward the water and couldn't get enough of it. Pictures of our memorial day weekend coming soon! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Antonella Week 40

Antonella has been walking a lot. She had been moving from one piece of furniture to another giving two or three steps at a time, but now she give 7-10 steps towards us. Caleb and I were astonished the first morning she did it. She is quite motivated to move. 

You can also guess who dressed her for this pictures, that's right, not me! The shoes were a gift for Linus, and Caleb could not wait to put them on. I wanted to wait a bit longer because they are a bit heavy, but she did fine and she looked pretty cute in little Lino's shoes.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Antonella 39
Yeah, that's slobber in the second picture. Antonella has been a slobbering mess, kisses are awesome, which she has begun to give. I am not sure if they are kisses or attempts to relieve the pain she is feeling in her gums, but I take them as signs of affection as I clean my cheeks, forehead, eyes, etc. 

This week she went with us to a couple high schools and middle schools to hand out cars to kids and invite them to our church youth event, and I was a little concerned that the kids were going to think it was weird to have a lady with a baby there, but instead she helped draw a crowd. A whole bunch of girls came up to her to say hi and she was her usual charming self. This baby of mine is favor everywhere I go.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Antonella Week 38

Antonella is now an expert with the sippy cup. She drinks a lot and then pours a lot down her shirt, because why not? This week we visited pool Momma and Antonella played with a train and an airplane for hours, she loved them. Dolls? not so much, it's all about vehicles for this little one. She had her second tooth poke through also. So we have two little bottom middle teeth just poking through. Every week truly is a new adventure with this little one.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Antonella Week 37

Week 37 is weird because it makes me think of when I was full term with my baby here. And how eager I was to meet her, and how she still took a bit less than 5 more weeks to meet me. 

This week Antonella officially broke her first took, bottom middle right, not sure what it is called. She was a little bit fuzzy but nothing unbearable or anything, just wanted momma more than usual, which I love because she is not cuddly or clingy at all. She also got her first pair of sunglasses this week. Which I'll have to upload pictures of them soon. And she started using her sippy cup. A good week.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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April was so much because we got to see lots of family who came and visited, and that is always a good month. And then we also chased a baby who learned to climb on everything, eveything, E-VER-RY-THING! So April was one adventurous month.

March in pictures here