Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Our friends Brandon and Julia invited a whole bunch of people to their new house. They moved to a huge house with so much character, I love it!

Julia's family was visiting from the northwest and we decided to play Mafia, such a great time. I was Mafia every time I played and every time my husband was able to tell I was one of the bad guys. I guess that is good but dang it he wouldn't let me win!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

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My church is having the funnest of events, a Munchkin Monster Mash on October 31st. It is our Halloween alternative.

We are going to have games and activities and we are going to be teaching kiddos that they have authority in Jesus' name to mash the monsters in their lives. No more being scared of whatever is under the bed or coming out of the closet, they WIN!

I was able to work on the graphic for the event after a little pow wow with the students from the Urban School of Ministry who are the ones putting the whole event together. I really like what we came up with and I am so excited to dress up on Sunday and have fun with the little people!

If you are in San Diego join us, it'll be a fun time, if not come back and look at the fun pics of all the costumes!
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My friend Erin is not into costumes and halloween but it is my favorite time of the year and since Urban is throwing a Munchkin Monster Mash I convinced her to get excited with me.

She is going to be a fairy and I am going to be Pocahontas (yeah my K is going to be John Smith!). we worked on her skirt and my jewelry and she is getting more and more excited! 

This Sunday is going to be great

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Husband and other guys from Urban Church love basketball, so for the third time they have decided to join a local league and have some fun shooting hoops. I haven't been to that many of the games but I was there last Monday night so I decided to take a few pics. Jonah was there too, his dad was playing and him and Jennifer his mom were cheering with me and Kris, they are so fun, Jonah ran around during the whole game which explains the picture above. 

I am happy to announce the Urban basketball team won and my love played wonderfully. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Monday was our day off. All three of us had the whole day to have fun and spend it with each other. Kris wanted to sleep in and K and I got invited to have breakfast at our pastors home with our friends the Millers. Mel Miller cooked and it was a phenomenal breakfast. After that we went back home, got Kris ran a couple of errands and went for a walk around downtown. 

We had such a nice time. We got free tickets to see a movie so we saw Red, loved it and then went over to the harbor to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. I love Mondays off!

Monday, October 25, 2010

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You know how you are always hungry after church? we are not only hungry but also tired so sometimes we decide not to cook and treat ourselves to some good food after church. 

We decided Chinese was going to be the choice for Sunday and we went to Pei Wei. Amazingly it was pretty busy so we had to wait outside for a few minutes. There wasn't a buzzer but it was the same idea of waiting for the buzzer to buzz so you can be seated. Kris took pictures as K and I fooled around and as soon as we were able to come in we stopped the pictures, the talking, the everything, we just wanted to eat!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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I got rear ended yesterday. I was at a stop sign and a lady in a pathfinder just hit me. It was actually pretty hard and since my foot was on the brake the impact was pretty intense. I am fine, so was the lady thank God. My neck is hurting a bit and I had a headache before the accident that just got worse but I am completely fine, nothing serious really. Now my car will go to surgery and get a face lift =D.

Friday, October 22, 2010

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So for some odd reason we didn't bring our camera to Tranica's birthday and we ended up having to take pictures with our phones but when it's dark the pictures our phones take are just not good. Regardless we thought we had to share them.

Our friend Tranica's birthday was last Tuesday, we really love her so it was wonderful being able to celebrate with her. her roommates cooked Jambalaya and made cupcakes and we all sang Happy Birthday to Tranica. When we left it was raining so we did our traditional singing in the rain number and Kris joined us. It was wonderful.

Happy Birthday Tranica, we hope we will get to celebrate many many more birthdays with you!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

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San Diego has been a bit dark and gloomy for the past week, and I love it!!! It reminds me of Bogota and it makes me want to crawl in bed with a hot chocolate on my nightstand, husband snuggling with me and a good movie on the TV. 

This whole week I've been at PLNU for at least 9 hrs and he's been working his usual 13 hour days so we haven't had a chance to crawl in bed, but maybe Sunday after church we just do that!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Last Saturday was Sarah Wagner's birthday party and her husband's band Emersen was playing. My K couldn't go and he was pretty bummed but I went and made sure to fill him in. It was a fun celebration and I think she loved it so that's what matters! 

I had a chance to wear a dress I hadn't worn, it was a $15.00 dress I got with a birthday gift card, isn't it cute? especially considering it was only $15.00, I love finding great deals!!!

Happy Birthday Sarah.

Friday, October 15, 2010

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The best time of the day.

I love having breakfast, especially if I am not the one cooking it =D. So a couple days ago we woke up and husband announced we had to get ready to go to The Mission one of San Diego's best breakfast places. Kris and I ordered the same thing, french toast, which is kinf od lame but not really because their french toast is A-M-AZING. My K ordered a breakfast burrito, but I don't like eggs so he didn't get a picture. The hot chocolate was pretty wonderful too so if you are ever in San Diego go and visit, totally worth it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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I love getting mint emails of goals reached. My husband are excited to let you all know we have officially paid off all debt. No medical bills, no credit cards, no mortgage (haha there was never one), no car payments, nothing... Finances are now in order to start saving for future kiddos!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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So K and I were organizing and cleaning today and we ran across his baby blanket. I am so glad he still has it, I am sure our kiddos will love having something that belonged to daddy when he was as little as them. I have to ask mom if she has something I can give them so they have something from daddy and something from mommy, I am sure she does, I am excited to go through old stuff in Colombia next time we visit!
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Remember we went to a baseball game a few months ago where a friend proposed to our other friend? well their wedding was this past weekend and it was beautiful.

K was one of the groomsmen and we got to decorate the room where they got to spend their wedding night (candles weren't on and you can't hear the music, but it looked pretty awesome once we finished).

Everything was perfect, she looked gorgeous, the ceremony was funny and beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun, K and I danced swing and laughed with them. We are really excited for the journey they are starting and we hope nothing but the best for them. I really love weddings, specially weddings were both parties know there is a greater purpose behind marriage, they are just beautiful.