Friday, July 30, 2010

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Our church friends went out to Coronado Island for a bonfire and some s'mores. I think I am addicted to s'mores, they are so good I don't even care about the smell of bonfire on my clothes and hair after all the fun is over. Hubby couldn't come due to work, but I was with church friends so it was still a good time.

Now we are ready for the weekend!
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My husband had an opportunity to participate in the 48hr film project with a dark comedy film called The Hot Seat. The screening was last Wednesday and it was a lot of fun. In my opinion his movie was the best of all of them, it was funny and one of the min characters was hysterical (my husband =D). His team got second place with the audience and next week they'll announce the winner by the judges.

We'll keep you all updated!

48 Hour Filmmaker: San Diego 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Before leaving Las Vegas we saw a couple more hotels and casinos with Kris. It was so hot I really just wanted to be indoors but when you love family you endure the Vegas heat haha.
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You can see in our faces how hot Las Vegas was, sometimes it was a bit hard to smile haha. We had a lot of errands to run on Monday but in between meeting we were able to show Kris a little bit of Vegas. We didn't get back to the house to sleep until well past 10pm and we were exhausted. It was a very productive though so that is always good!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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My cousin had never been in Vegas so Sunday night we drove into the city, went to say hi to friends and my American family and headed towards the strip to show my cousin the Bellagio Fountains and the Paris. It was late and we were tired but Kris loved it so it was a good time.

The best part of the whole day was reminiscing with my husband. Exactly two years ago during this week he started courting me, the first time he asked me to the movies was July 26th (and I showed up with 4 more people haha). We went to Stomp Out Loud on July 31st just him and me, and everything started there. I am so glad God trusted me with His heart, I am truly blessed to have him.

It's crazy that we ended up in Vegas precisely this weekend, it was a little celebration even. Maybe we'll make it a tradition and we'll go to Vegas the last week of July every year... maybe we'll see

Monday, July 26, 2010

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Our family is in Las Vegas for a couple of days resolving some things with a house here and I must admit I am glad I live in SD!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Alias season 4
Alias Season 5

So my husband and I have been watching Alias little by little and we finally made it to the last season yesterday. We've only seen a couple of episodes of the last season but I am not happy. Just look at the amount of characters that are gone from season 4 to season 5, Sydney's fiancee is now gone and even though she's cute and pregnant I am hoping it gets better as the episodes progress.

In spite of all the changes and craziness we love that show, it's so much fun to watch!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Caleb pretending to be an intimidating football player, Kris was too but he looks like he's dancing haha

I love scrounge days, days were we wear something comfortable, don't put on makeup and just enjoy being with each other. Today was our scrounge day, we played board games, cooked and took a nice walk.

And seriously who doesn't love walks? K, Kris and I went on a nice long walk for a movie and we had a great time. The boys brought a football so we walked and threw the ball across streets and in between cars. I really love San Diego and its weather. Sure it hasn't been all that warm for the summer but in how many other cities can you take long walks all year long and be comfortable?

Since it was such a good time we decided to make it a weekly plan. Every week we take a nice walk somewhere. We'll see how that goes with our crazy schedule!

Monday, July 19, 2010

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My husband, my cousin and I were running errands and we were suddenly incredibly hungry, so we decided to go to In-N-Out. If you are not in the West Coast I am sorry you don't have this amazing burgers. Me and the hubs like to order them protein style, which means wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, they are delicious, clean and we paid less than $12 for 3 burgers and a drink (me and K drink water). Oh man now I am craving one....

Friday, July 16, 2010

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Hubby and I ended up wearing stripes today. We didn't really plan it, it just sort of happened. We weren't together at all all day today so it worked out, but I thought it was kind of cute so we had to take a picture!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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We had such a great time camping. Our camping site was beautiful and the weather was amazing!
Me and my K decided to bring our air mattress and if fit nicely in our tent. The Brinkman girls loved coming to bounce on it.
The view from where our tents were was amazing, sunsets were just gorgeous.
We went hiking the first morning and ended up running into a nice road that took us all the way down to the lake.
Meals were always wonderful. Cooking is fun by itself by when you are camping it is awesome, everyone helped and then we sat together for great meals!
We played croquet, took long naps, read under the shade of trees and played horseshoes. Me and my cousin had never played so it was interesting.

And then we ran into some skunks and were really cautious not to upset them.

Every night we made a nice fire, some s'mores and made up stories. I think that we will do this again, as long as you are fully prepared it is a great time!