Monday, June 8, 2015

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 photo Week14_zpsjwvtbndo.jpg

 photo Week14-2_zpsabcothvn.jpg

Weight +3lb
Inches  +3in
Cravings - Burgers and watermelon
Dislike - Waking up ugh

I feel like I am growing really really fast this time around. I already look like I ate a big meal and there is a bump there, I wonder what I'll look like in 10 or 20 weeks, yikes. I also feel heavier, my knees have started hurting and my sciatica is already acting up. I guess carrying 2 toddlers and being pregnant may do more damage than I thought haha. It's not too bad though, I am just taking extra precautions to protect my knees and my back. 

I am still super tired. I just want to sleep!!! I don't know if it is because Ant has been having a few bad nights lately, or of it is because of pregnancy, or both. In any case I am exhausted ALL the time, ALL THE TIME. I also threw up this week more than usual, but I know that'll stop soon, it's fine. 

I am having a really hard time finding motivation to get ready, I'll shower and get dressed but there isn't much thought into what I am wearing and doing my hair and putting makeup on seem like terrible ideas. I wish I would just do it so I look better throughout the weeks, but it's just not happening right now. 

We still haven't gone to the doctor, but started all the process to get me insured again. So I should be able to make an appointment soon enough.

Monday, June 1, 2015

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 photo Week13_zpsgn9vchvu.jpg  photo Week13-2_zpsvdzmmroa.jpg

Well here we go again....

Weight 3lb
Inches  2in
Cravings - Burgers
Dislike - Nothing in particular

Taking pictures with two toddlers isn't easy but it is fun!!! We took a bit starting the pictures but here we are at week 13. I am so tired all the time I really think I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. I am nauseous too but it's really not bad at all, so far I've thrown up 3 or 4 times total. 

We still haven't gone to the doctor but I am pretty sure my estimations are right and our due date is December 5th so we are anticipating a baby mid-December with the way things go around here. We have started talking to the girls about the baby. Emi has no idea what we are talking about, Ant points at my belly and tells me there is a baby there, and then points at hers and says the same thing ha. 

We are so excited!