Monday, February 21, 2011

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Friday morning we spent loading trucks of food and right after we headed to communities in need and handed out the food after sorting through it and putting it in bags to make sure everyone was getting the basics. We couldn't take pictures at the sites so I snapped a few while loading the food and left my camera and phone behind. 

We did it twice so we ended up doing this all day Friday since loading takes a few hours and taking it to the sites, organizing it and handing it out takes quite a while too. It was a great experience.

The people at the sites were so grateful they were receiving food, at the end of the line there were a few of us that spoke Spanish (a lot f the people were Hispanic) and we were able to talk with the people, offer prayer to them and invite them to church. I was surprised to see most people were not only open to the idea of church but they wanted to be prayed for and were comfortable sharing some of the struggles they are currently facing. It breaks your heart to hear what they are going through and not be able to do much more than pray for them; but it helps to see their local church is doing a great job at caring for them and showing them God's love. 


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