Monday, May 14, 2012

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Yesterday morning I woke up at 6am, my husband asked me to stay in bed for a few minutes before getting up and getting in the shower and so I did. We snuggled and he just whispered "Happy Mother's Day" in my ear. It was my happy place and the day could have ended right there and I would have had the best day possible.

After being there for a bit, breathing slowly, together, sharing short sentences, and just enjoying each other I got up and showered. When I came back in the room a card was waiting on top of my pillow. He always gets me the best cards, he writes the best notes, he is the sweetest man. I read the card and gave him a kiss, and then he told me to put my hand under my pillow, and there I found a gift. I loved my gift, he knew I had been wanting it and he waited, and waited, and waited, and then finally got it when the price was right. 

We started getting ready for church and he packed me breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwich in whole wheat artisan bread and a veggie smoothy. Perfect. 

I called my mom and she beat me to the line "Happy Mother's Day"she was so excited she got to say it to her daughter, finally, after praying she'd have a grand-baby for 3 years here she was 3 months shy of meeting her first granddaughter yelling "Happy Mother's Day" to her daughter over the phone. We talked and laughed and she said she loved me, like she always has. Perfect.

Church as always was wonderful, but today it was awkward. From the moment I walked in at 730am to the moment I left at 130pm people said Happy Mother's Day, and this year it was directed at me. I don't yet feel like a mom, I don't even know what it means to be a mom. So far all I've done is grown a belly, that can't qualify me for the title. The mothers I know, the ones I look up to, the ones that raised me, they have done so much more, they are so amazing, I can't see myself doing what they have done, doing what they still do. But smile, thanked and nod I did.

Pool Momma, Angie, Aunt Karen, Poppa, Maddie, Sophie and Titus came into town. Luc was already here staying with us. We went to Coronado Island for lunch and enjoyed the view and wonderful food. It was great to see family on my first Mother's Day, I was grateful to have them here and to laugh with them as I almost burned the restaurant down (I'll tell that story later). 

It was great to look at Angie with her babies and see a wonderful mom dedicated to raising children that love their God. It was great to see Pool Momma with two of her kids and to know they are serving the Lord today, with their spouses, all those lectures, lessons, long nights, long days, stressful times, they all paid off, the kids are serving the Lord. It was great to see Aunt Karen and to know children and adults all over the world have found in her a mother when they needed it most. What a blessing to have these women celebrate with me the first year I get to smile, thank and nod at all the "Happy Mother's Day." Perfect.

At the end of the day we went home, Aunt Karen came with us, we rented a movie, watched 10 minutes, turned it off and Caleb went out to rent a different movie. Moms don't let their kids watch bad movies, not even if they are still in their bellies, right? 

We finished the movie and got ready for bed, and K and I snuggled, and we breathed together, we laughed together, we talked together, we prayed together... and then he just whispered "Happy Mother's Day" in my ear, and my day was perfect. Just perfect.


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