Friday, July 22, 2011

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I haven't been good with the Pool Momma Products blogs, but here is a magnificent one. 

A Peter Thomas Roth instant mineral SPF 45 brush on powder. The first time I ever tried something like it was at the pool with my friend Mel, she had the Bare Minerals version and I remember instantly loving it. 

If you have light skin, or if you are like me, and worry about the wrinkles sun exposure may enhance, then you should make the investment and get your Instant Mineral SPF45 brush on powder. Either brand is phenomenal and the difference is price is really not an issue, is mostly a matter of preference. I like the PTR better because I don't have to worry about the color, whether I am tanned in the summer months or not the PTR one will work. The Bare Minerals one comes in different colors depending on skin tone, then again, a matter of preference.


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