Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Remember the Hammock? We've been enjoying it. The weather in San Diego is perfect right now to go out and lay on it, to read or just for a nap, except naps have proven to be difficult with the airplanes flying over our heads. 

I grew up with hammocks, my grandparents love them and have them everywhere they can. I remember a little Hacienda they had in the Colombian plains, it was this beautiful old hacienda, a river running behind it, animals making noises in the morning, miles and miles of land stretching in front of it, just beautiful. Well, there were hammocks all over this place and one night we decided to sleep outside in a couple of them with my sister. Worst night of my life! The noises were creepy and haunting, my back was hurting after a few hours, I couldn't move too much fearing I would fall and whatever was making all the noise would bite me, eat me, kill me, torture me... awful. 

All that to say hammocks and I are very old friends. In fact I have an awful scar right next to my eye from an incident in a hammock (which in elementary school gave me the nickname scar-face, yeah Colombian children are ruthless, I am sure they didn't even know who Scarface was, granted they were children, but still they managed to call me that. Good thing I played along with it and it didn't leave yet another scar, an emotional one). We were on vacation in a small city in Colombia, Neiva, I was about 2 and my then 8 year old aunt -who didn't appreciate me stealing the family spot light from her- decided to play with me in a hammock. Long story short she pushed me I fell, skin ruptured, blood spilled everywhere, went to the hospital, they "fixed" it. It was a small hospital, in a very small city, in a third world country, in the 80's. Needless to say I ended up with an awful scar in my face, but thankfully my eye was saved. 

And then there is the winter breaks at my grandparents farm. An hour and a half away from Bogota my grandparents have a farm. They got it the same year I was born and it has been a place of rest and fun for the family for over two decades now. They have hammocks everywhere there too, and my winter breaks were spent up on the top floor of the farm, with a magnificent view, an outstanding view, a fresh mango juice laying on a hammock. It was the best of times.

See hammocks and I, long friends, low and highs kind of a relationship.

Caleb on the other hand, being the white north western, almost Canadian, boy he is, hasn't really had a chance to become acquainted with them hammocks. So, all of my experience falling from them and getting a back ache he is just acquiring. In a few months he will love them like I do. 

On other non-related news, 9 year old Cara and I went to church wearing almost the same outfit, isn't that lovely? Soon we will be sharing clothes, and I am 20 years older than her! Being 5'2 has some fun times people.


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