Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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My little brother turned 16 today... sigh, I can't believe he's so grown up. 

I remember the day he was born, he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, he was perfect and looked nothing like my sister or me, the punk. He used to interlock his little hands together and smile at my sister and I all the time, Mom wouldn't leave him with us but she let us sleep in his room once he was moved there, we liked it for about two nights and then we left him because he woke us up constantly. I love my brother so much, he's a gentle, smart, talented boy/man. He plays the bass guitar in a band and tends to be the main show at all school events, girls love him since he not only acts like a rock start, but also is as handsome as the few really handsome rock stars. 

I pray for him every day, I pray he'll grow in wisdom as fast as he's grown in stature. I pray he will love the Lord with his entire heart one day, and his desire will be to worship Him only. I pray for his wife, the amazing Godly woman she is, I pray for protection over her, her heart, and that somehow both her and my brother will be aware of each other every day even though they might not even know each other yet. I pray for his friends, I believe he will become an influence in the lives of those who don't know God yet, and he will surround himself with strong men of God whose desire is to follow in the Lord's steps. I pray he will love me forever and remember my voice even though he doesn't get to see me every day. 

I love you Wishon, you are the best baby brother and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for you this year.


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