Thursday, July 28, 2011

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I love tea,  and my K knowing this fact usually wakes up and makes me some I later enjoy in bed or by the living room window. He is just wonderful like that. 

When we first got married everything was just surreal; I was a married woman living in an apartment with a husband, a husband!... WEIRD!

I remember a particular Saturday morning after about 3 months of marriage. It was about 6am and I was sitting on a papasan chair we had in the living room, curled up with a blanket over me, sipping on strawberry tea. Right there, in the quietness that early weekend mornings provide, I suddenly realized a truth that had not settled in me; I was home. After 3 years of being away from my family, my country, my customs, my home, my friends, and everything I knew; for the first time since I moved to the States I knew I was home. 

Home was him. And a yearning for the warmth of that which I knew, was now replaced by the uncertainty and excitement of a life ahead of me, a life lived next to him.

So every morning from that day forward, early days accompanied by flavorful teas and comfortable chairs are a beautiful reminder that where He is I am too.


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