Monday, December 19, 2011

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I have been telling my darling wife that I wanted to write a blog at least a few times a week during our pregnancy, and finally I am. I really wanted to write this for the men of the world because I think we might need a little support also. Not that we don't get it, but for those times where we have no idea how or what we can do to help our wives while they are carrying our baby.

My beautiful ColOmbian has been pregnant for 7 weeks now. And it has been amazing fun and there have been a few times where I am finding myself completely LOST! I have noticed that I might be a little overbearing, which seems good, but when you treat your wife like she is roughly an 8 year old, she will tend to get a little frustrated with you. The toughest thing about this is that I am stubborn, because to me I feel like I am looking out for her safety and that seems like the smart thing to do, but I can't get mad at her for walking across the street because I don't think she is looking both ways. For some reason I cannot quit doing it (stubborn). It has been so difficult trying to find a happy medium for my over protectiveness, I've found a medium, but sometimes it isn't all that happy honestly!

We have been blessed so far during this pregnancy. JO has not had any morning sickness, she gets a few headaches every once in a while, and she gets very tired, oh, there was last Friday when we had to go to the emergency room though. And she did pass out in the hallway. If you have ever seen your pregnant wife pass out and fall to the floor, it is frightening. But, I am happy to say all is well and wife and baby are great. I even took a picture of wife while she was passed out on the hospital floor. My advice to most men out there, if your wife has fainted and passed out on the floor, probably not smart to take a picture. But, I did all the things I could to make sure she was alive and okay, and the woman loves pictures of everything. So really it just comes down to knowing your wife, if she is going to hate you for taking the picture, don't take it, but my wife is an anomaly, she loves pictures of just about any occasion, and she was super happy I took the picture of her to document our 7 hours at the emergency room.

I am more than excited for the new craziness that is coming to JO and my life. Everyday I am more amazed at the fact that I am going to be a father!! I waited patiently for my wife, and God blessed me abundantly, JO is more than I could have ever asked God for. We waited to have a child, and God is blessing us with one that is growing everyday in the Wife's belly. I LOVE THIS LIFE.


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