Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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So everything I've read suggests I keep a journal, and I figured since most of my family and oldest friends live far far away I could make my journal public on the blog. 

My weight and waist size will start at 0 and add as I start growing. I am not sure I'll be so comfortable putting my weight in here once I am huge, so that's a good start. The picture is of the first day of week 5 but I'll write about the previous week. Here is my first entry.

Week 4
Weight - 0 Pounds
Waist - 0 Inches

Cravings: Potatoes, particularly mashed potatoes from Parkhouse Eatery in University Heights.
Dislikes: Red meat yuck

I've been making an effort to eat every four hours. I carry all organic trail mix bags with me and also baby carrot bags and munch on them every four hours. I've noticed that if I don't do that I get nausea. I have also been drinking tons of water, which is unusual for me, I am shooting for 70 oz per day and I have been meeting that goal almost every day. I want to start drinking 100 oz a day by the time I hot 3 months and 130 oz a day once I hit my 3rd trimester. The benefits of water are just so many and they are so incredible that I must drink my water daily. 

I also started taking prenatal vitamins and B vitamins. I pair them with my regular E vitamins and Betacarotene. They don't make me sick or anything so tat has been wonderful. Actually the prenatal vitamins help me with my energy, I've noticed I get a little bit more energy as soon as I take them.  I also started rubbing Almond oil on my body right after I shower, and I love the scent of it so that's a plus.

I haven't been feeling sick or that much pregnant aside from the obsession with potatoes and the fact that I get really really tired at random times. 

There is a little bit of heartburn taking place when I eat heavy meals, and I have noticed it takes a bit too long to go away. I have been avoiding food that might be really hard to digest, but it's a bit difficult at times, on Thursday we decided to make cheese fondue, how can I say no to loads of cheese with bread and veggies? 

I have been reading a lot and I have a lot of questions that friends and family have been answering. I am being more emotional than normal, I will cry if Caleb answers a question in a tone that seems harsh, and he just apologizes and hugs me even though he is not being mean. 

At the beginning of the week I was feeling some cramps and it made me a bit nervous but we visited a doctor really quick at Planned Parenthood and they said they were normal. So we started the process to apply to Medi-Cal since we don't have insurance.

After being at the Medi-Cal office for 4 and a half hours they took our paperwork and asked us to come back after lunch. We did as they said and then we got called soon after that. We got approved thank God but I have to bring some paperwork we were missing. All pregnancy related medical expenses will be covered and they have the option of birthing centers!! It's such a blessing, God just provides in amazing ways.

Well that's week 4 in a nutshell. On we go to week 5!

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  1. Woooohhooooo you are going to be a great mommy!! So excited to see your belly grow!!