Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Week 5 
Weight  -1 Pounds 
Waist  0 Inches
Cravings: Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes 
Dislikes: Can't think of anything really. Sweets are not very appetizing to me, haven't really had any, they just don't sound good. 

Week 5 wasn't as breezy as week 4, in fact it included a trip to the ER.The week was going just fine, I kind of haven't had a huge appetite but I have been eating regardless, at least small hearty snacks every 4 hours. I have also been drinking between 64oz - 70oz of water a day. 

Everything was fine up until Friday afternoon. Around 4pm I started feeling discomfort in my upper abdomen and I thought that maybe I had to eat since I get nausea when I don't eat often. I was with my sister so we stopped somewhere and ate something. 

The pain kept getting worse and worse so we headed home, by the time we got home I couldn't stand up straight. My sister is in med school so I am so blessed I was with her. I started throwing up and my sister kept asking me a thousand questions. She called my mom's cousin in Colombia who is an obstetrician and have him all the answers I had given her. He asked a few more questions and said it sounded like he baby wasn't the one causing it and told us to go to the ER. 

By then I had been crunched up in a ball for a couple hours, my husband was at church for set up and I needed to get the pain to stop. Maff called Caleb and he drove home. In 5 minutes he was home and my friend Sarah P was dropping off maalox, tea, tums and pedialite (my sister thought I was getting de-hydrated, which was actually true). Sarah had the same experience with her first pregnancy so she made me feel much much better. 

We went to the ER and within 15 minutes I was in a room hooked to and IV getting hydrated. The nurse, Theresa F, was wonderful and made me feel great. She was so gentle and caring and she was working so hard. I want to send her a card and maybe flowers, she really was awesome.

They drew blood to check on me and after I had to go to the bathroom to throw up. I got up and a few steps out of the room I fainted. My husband who is incredibly funny decided to take my pulse, scream for help, cover my bottom and take a picture. He explained later he knew I like things documented, which was so sweet of him, but I explained at fainting we draw the line haha. 

We were at the hospital until 230am and went home, they had given me morphine and that calmed the pain. They also checked for all kinds of things and I was completely fine. They did a regular ultrasound on the baby and a trans-vaginal ultrasound and I was able to see the little 1/2 rice grain sized baby. The technician said the baby was smaller than normal but completely fine and healthy. At 5'2'' I guess I am not shocked I have a little baby.

They sent me home and Saturday I felt sick until about 2pm. I was taking maalox and anise water and that was helping. I still feel uncomfortable but we have gotten to the conclusion that it is just gas my body is not used to having. My metabolism has slowed down so much that I have so much more gas in my body, and it is stuck there, just stuck. It hurts let me tell you, but I am so very happy my baby is safe.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and love and support. Our baby is so loved already, we feel tremendously blessed. 
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