Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Today is Mother's Day and for the last 5 years I have not been next to my Mom to make breakfast to her, to say I love her and appreciate all the wonderful things she does for me. I miss her terribly and out of all the days that I wish I was just a short drive away from her,  Mother's Day is the one day I get emotional about the fact that to see my mom I have to buy a ticket to fly to South America. I miss my mom, she has an amazing way of making everyone around her laugh and feel happy, her presence alone allows for people to relax and just for a few moments forget about any problems and instead enjoy being there, being alive.

Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you so much, I am truly blessed God chose you to raise me.

God blessed me with awesome Moms; my grandma is the most sweet, compassionate woman I know, I wish to be a woman who puts her words into actions like she does when it comes to helping others. My step mom Milena is the most peaceable woman, her calmness is uplifting and often needed, I desire to be a place of peace to my family like she often is to me. My mother in law Kate is fun and honest and wise, her passion for the Word and godly outlook on life is something I look up to and desire to acquire myself. My step mom in law Deb is serene and collected, a lady in its true meaning, I want to conduct myself with her same dignity and serenity. My Vegas Mom Joan has a passion for God and His will that is intoxicating, she encourages me to look after Him daily. And of course my Mom, she is so full of joy, I have never seen a woman laugh in every circumstance in life, not only does she find joy in the good times but she finds amazing joy in the bad times, she has truly learned to rejoice and have a positive and bright outlook in life, and I wish to learn that from her. I wish to have her diligence and ability to enjoy everything I am doing like she does. I wish to love without restrictions like she has love me and my siblings, and I wish to be a wonderful mom like she has been. 

Thank you to all the moms that have had an impact in my life, I am so blessed and grateful for each of you; I am a blessed woman and my children will one day be blessed due to the amazing gifts each of you has given me. I pray today you are honored and blessed like you deserve to be. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!


Hoy es el día de la madre y por los últimos 5 años yo no he podido estar ahí en la mañana para prepararle a mi Mamá el desayuno y decirle que la amo y aprecio todas las cosas maravillosas que ella hace por mi. Extraño a mi Mamá terriblemente y de todos los días que deseo estar tan solo a un par de minutos en carro de su casa, el día de la Madre es el día en el que mis emociones tienen lo mejor de mi y me molesta el hecho de que para poder ver a mi Mamá tengo que comprar un tiquete aéreo e ir hasta Colombia. Realmente extraño a mi Mamá; ella es la persona mas llena de gozo que he conocido en mi vida, tiene una habilidad incomparable de hacer a aquellos a su alrededor sonreir y sentirse felices, su presencia permite a las personas relajarse y tan solo por unos momentos olvidarse de cualquier problema que tengan y reemplazar sus malos ratos por la emoción de estar ahí, de estar vivo.

Feliz Día Ma, te amo con todo mi corazón, y es una bendición que Dios te escogió a ti para criarme. Mi deseo es que como tu yo sea una mujer llena de gozo, nunca he conocido a una mujer que le sonria a la vida como lo haces tu, en todas circumstancias, en buenos y malos momentos. Tu realmente has aprendido a regocijarte y a tener una actitud positiva ante la vida. Mi deseo es ser tan diligente como tu, tu habilidad de disfrutar todo en la vida me inspira. Deseo poder amar sin restricciones como me has amado tu, como nos amas a mi y a mis hermanos. Y mi oración es que un día voy a ser una mama tan buena como tu lo has sido para mi.

Te amo Ma, le pido al Señor que te de honra hoy y te bendiga como mereces ser bendecida.


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