Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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I love my dad, he's such an amazing father and friend to me. I was thinking about him a couple days ago and I realized that when he was K's age I was 10, he had a 10 and an 8 year old when he was my husband's age, imagine that! 

He's always been there for us, even though my parents got divorced when I was 3 my dad was never absent, he always cared, he always corrected, he always disciplined, he always loved. 

I remember us 3 watching movies and going to TGI Friday's in Colombia to eat mini burgers -also called sliders-. I remember us going to Girardot to see dad jump out of an airplane with his parachute and I remember seeing him fall slowly, hit the ground and then not get up, I was so worried he was hurt, turns out he hit the ground so hard and it was so warm he just decided to lay there and wait for help in case he indeed was hurt. I remember him taking us to school in the mornings and listening to Aerosmith or Bon Jovi in the car while singing the lyrics wrong because we didn't understand 1/3 of what they were saying. I remember us in Miami at odd beaches and my dad's concerned look as he saw the people around us, he handled it so well, he just made fun of our discomfort, we all laughed and he said we should walk to the next beach. I remember him always making us laugh and how his most important thing was to create good memories with us, he achieved it and still does. I remember him telling us we had to stay at a cheap hotel and then driving into a nice Sheraton just to surprise us and see our face, I remember him saying things I didn't want to hear because they were the truth and it's easier to stay in your crooked way than to work at straightening it. I remember him talking to us about God and who He is, I remember Him working through him and using his words to encourage me. I remember his strength during hard times, even though his face showed worry he never stopped smiling and thanking God, even though his heart ached he never stopped being grateful and pursuing his relationship with the Father. I remember him praying for me on my wedding day, asking for the Lord to lead my steps as I became a wife, asking for the Lord to fill me as I ventured on a new journey, asking for the Lord to give me all things I need for a life pleasing to Him. I remember so many things, so many trips, so many days, so many laughs, so many lessons.

My dad gave me a gift I will be forever grateful I received, he introduced me to my saviour, and boldly he spoke about Him and asked me without hesitation to allow for my life to be devoted to Him. My dad showed me the way to a life with God in the center and asked me to follow in his example and that simple thing made a world of difference. 

Thank you daddy and Happy birthday, I am blessed and my phone call conversations with you are some of my favorite times of the week.


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