Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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My husband's very first Father's Day with a baby on the way was really fun. It all started at 4am for him. He woke up that early to go to the Picken's home to make donuts for all the father's at Urban. I wasn't allowed to go because I am so very pregnant (pfft, not ok!), but he said he had a great time, and I don't doubt it, the Pickens are so much fun. 

We went to church, and after church we went to Andres restaurant for Cuban. K wanted that so that is what he got. And then we came home and he watched the basketball game and we just cuddled. He was so tired and had not seen me much all week that's all he wanted to do. 

It is so nice to spend time with him, my favorite time of the day is when we wake up and spend a few minutes just there, laying in bed, saying good morning and just being together. And to my absolute pleasure he loves it too. 

My husband is going to become a dad in 4-7 weeks and I am so excited for this little girl to spend that morning time with us. I can picture them together and I know she is his already, he is going to be such an amazing dad, she doesn't know it yet, but she is blessed beyond belief. 

Happy Father's Day Husband, I LOVE YOU!


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