Saturday, September 17, 2011

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When I was a little girl being 29 seemed so far away that it was almost never going to happen. I remember thinking 29 would be a fun age, I was going to have my own business by then, I was going to start thinking about marriage by then, I was going to be a grownup. I didn’t have all of them wrong, it will be fun! 

PhotobucketMy life plans where ok, but the life I have far exceeds any plans I had ever made. My life is not just ok, it is the best life I could have ever asked for. I married much earlier than I ever thought I would, and my K is the second best decision I ever made. I don't have a business but instead I've given myself to ministry and plan to keep doing that, and I wish I would have made that decision earlier in life. It's funny how us being the closest to ourselves don't have a clue as to what is the best life we can have. Sure we can all achieve an ok life, but the greatest life can only be lived if it is our Father in heaven dictating every step. 

I am excited for 29, it will be an amazing adventure, the Lord will take me new places I have never been, show me new things I have never seen, and love me in new ways I have never experienced. We will grow further in love, and we will walk through the paradise He has set up for me, talking through the decisions that need to be made and learning the importance of my trusting Him completely. 

This new year I want to see more people I love meet my Father, I want to speak about Him with all the friends and family that are still living an ok life but not yet experiencing the fullness of life. I want to declare His goodness, and talk about His grace and that unbelievable gift He gave us in Jesus Christ. I want to be used by Him so others can see Him through me. 

I love my life, it isn't perfect from the outside, but it is far beyond perfect. Everything I have, everything I am, everything in my world, everything is beautiful.


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