Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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So all of you already know San Diego had a blackout. K and I were at the movies taking a break from work and suddenly the lights went out. We were watching The Debt and we were still at the beginning so we were ok with missing the movie. After waiting for a few minutes inside the theater we heard the entire mall was out of power, then we heard Chula Vista was out of power, then we heard Point Loma and La Jolla, and TJ were all out of power. And then I got that notification from the picture. Scary!

Thankfully the notification had nothing to do with the blackout, so yay. It was a very relaxing and romantic evening with all the candles, and I want to have a mandatory black out at my house once a month, it's just so nice and so relaxing to just talk, play games and enjoy people's company without the distraction of everything around us.


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