Friday, February 26, 2010

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I woke up Wendesday with a little bit of a sore throat, I just pretended it wasn't there, drank a lot of mint tea with honey and kept on going with my day. Yesterday it got a bit worse and I think I broke the record of times sneezed in a day, but I went to work, and went I got off my K and I went to our Pastor's house to sign the marriage license (my husband stayed to played Wii in honor of Amanda's birthday), right after I had a meeting in regards to The Bridge and when the meeting was over I went home.

I was exhausted, not because it was an unsually long day, thursdays are usually like that, but instead because I got worse and worse throughout the day.

But my K had everything ready for me when I got home. My favorite cup with mint tea, all sorts of medicine to help me feel better and a vick vaporub inhaler guy that works great. He also got me soup and made sure the bed was warm for me (he used a rubber water bottle, they are the best) and at risk of getting sick he held me until I was too warm and asked him to stay on his side of the bed haha. Isn't he wonderful? God was too good to me when He crossed our paths.


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