Monday, February 22, 2010

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This is Kyle, she is a sweet, talented lady that came up with a great idea.

This is Mel, she thought it would be great if we could raise money for The International Justice Mission and work for those who have been abused and neglected. So she decided maybe a benefit concert would help us not only raise awareness but also funds.

When Mel told Kyle and I about the Concert we thought it would be tons of fun but then we realized we would need some money to put it together and bring the bands we wanted to bring. And our budget was... well 0.

And here is where talented Kyle's idea comes into play. She creates hair pieces and journals and makes all kinds of fun stuff. Obviously she has a lot of friends that, like her, are creative and talented. So she decided to call them all up and ask if they would donate some of their art for a benefit art show.

Her friends being the generous, cool people they are agreed. The coolest part though is that Kyle ended up making a new friend, Tanya (next picture, first to the left). Kyle and Tanya started contacting strangers whose art was just wonderful, and to their amazement art pieces started flying in from all over America.

Fortunately more girls decided to jump in and help with the art show, and we had a great team of smart, charming ladies raising money through art.

Some pieces were small, some pieces were big, but all the pieces were wonderful. We received over 50 pieces total and Kyle donated a good extra 20 pieces of her own things.

We even had a chance to connect with Krochet Kids International and they decided to join us with their fun little beanies, my K decided to model for them as he was falling in love with everyone of the beanies and the story behind them. They couldn't have had a better model... just saying!

The turnout was great, we were able to raise a good amount of money and connect with great people. it was truly a phenomenal experience and we are super excited to keep working to raise both money and awareness for those who unlike us don't have their freedom.


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