Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Today I woke up to Crème Brûlée french toast from our favorite breakfast place. My K left early in the morning, picked it up and brought me breakfast to bed. We ate and he gave me flowers, chocolates and a sweet card. We had agreed we weren't going to do much for Valentine's day, we wanted to spend time together that's all. So we went to church, had Mexican food after for lunch, and then walked around Balboa Park. Once in Balboa Park we headed towards the circus!

It was a great date and even though a bit unconventional, incredibly romantic and fun.

I know, I know clowns are not precisely the most loved of characters, I know my K thinks they are all evil, I know there have been some clowns that have damaged the reputation of the clown community. But both me and K fell in love with this guy, he was funny and sweet and made all the kids in the circus have a great time (including the Luehmann kids!).

K loved the circus, he had never been to one and I think his first experience was a good one.

Happy Valentines day!!

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  1. You two make a wonderful couple. God bless you forever.