Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Sunday esposo and I got married in America. Our first wedding in Colombia was beautiful and very traditional, so we decided to have a different one here. We wore orange, went to the beach, invited good friends and family and got married. It was a great time and I am finally Mrs. Luehmann both in paper and in spirit.

This man wanted to sing a song to us, he didn't really know us but he walked by our "ceremony" at the beach and when he saw what we were doing he said he wanted to sing a song. So we asked him to wait for the ceremony to be over and then he sang.

My Grandpa was in San Diego, so it was nice to share with him.
My mom and my K's mom are both so darling, we love them very much.
That LOVE sign was in the water between the rocks when we got there to get married, isn't that a fun coincidence?

Happy second wedding my love!


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