Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Since I posted the pictures of our most recent wedding, I thought it would be a good idea to post pictures of our first wedding. So here we go.


The invitation in Spanish and in English. It was poster size and we had tons of fun rolling them and tying them with hemp yarn; everybody loved them even though some people weren't sure if they were getting invited or not. We really liked them.

We decided to have both the ceremony and reception at a hotel in the colonial neighborhood in Bogota. El Hotel de la Opera is really two restored houses from the XVI century "The two buildings that make up our hotel today were originally homes of the some of the firts settlers who were granted land rights by the Spanish crown. The homes later housed the personal guard of South American liberation hero Simon Bolivar."

Our families, we are missing Poppa, 3/4 of the Buttons, Jana, Sari, Deb, Helton, Debra, Victoria, Milena and Juli... but it still turned out to be a great pic.

First Kiss

First Dance
I could keep uploading pictures all night long, I just loved my wedding so much. But I need to go to bed now, aw all this wedding pictures make me want to eat wedding cake and watch the video of our wedding.... hmmm maybe tomorrow =D


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