Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Antonella Week 48
Teething babies are cranky, and a little funny. Last week Antonella was running a fever and was fuzzy, but her demeanor wasn't super different, she was just hurting! She started grinding her teeth, which sounds like nails against chalk to Caleb and I. We give her teething toys and teething pills, but she still gets really frustrated at times and just makes faces like the ones in this pictures. It's cute, and hard because I want to take the pain away. 

We have been teaching her not to bite, a new awesome habit she has due to teething. And every time she bites we say no sternly, so she learned to say no herself; it's really cute. But here we are trying to correct behaviour, and there she is being all cute, keeping a straight face is very difficult. 

Here we go unto week 49, hoping teething is over sooner than later, and we are able to teach our daughter that biting is NEVER ok!


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