Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Antonella Week 47
Do we all realize Antonella is but a few weeks away from turning 1!! This is crazy to me, crazy. I can't believe I have an almost 1 year old in my hands, she is my baby. 

My baby and all but she seems ready to grow up. Taking pictures of her is more and more challenging, she will not sit still. She knows how to get off chairs and couches now, so she will hop off before I can get a nice picture of her. She is always going going going. 

This week we started feeding her whatever we eat, so she tried some turkey meat, and all sorts of grains, some red meat, chicken. The only thing she still hasn't really had is sugar, I want to delay that for as long as possible. She loves all types of food,  I still have not seen her turn away anything. Sweet potatoes are still a big favorite, and anything she can hold with her own hands, that's all she wants to do, feed herself. 

She got a 4th tooth, her top middle one is officially out, which makes her biting quite painful, and she has been doing so a lot. We are trying to correct that behaviour, so far without much success ha.

She also got two more moles, tiny little things. One is on her left arm behind her elbow, the other one is on the back of her neck, right in the middle. I love them, they are so cute. 

My baby keeps growing, and I keep trying to remember everything, memorize everything, soak everything, but it's going faster than I can process, so I just smile and let time pass me by as pictures are being snapped.


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