Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Week 38
Weight +28 Pounds 
Waist +14 Inches 
Cravings: Strawberries
Dislikes: The heat
This past week we kept pretty busy. I walked so much and did so much stuff I am not even sure why I am still pregnant, I guess Antonella is comfortable with busyness like her mom. We had our doctors appointment this week and I didn't gain any weight, the midwife said that was pretty normal, she also gave me an ultrasound to make sure baby was definitely head down and amniotic fluid was fine, and yes everything is still in order. I also started feeling irregular contractions, braxton hicks I believe, I guess they are getting my body ready so that's great!
This week we discussed further whether we want to give Antonella a Vitamin K shot and whether we want them to put the erythromycin ointment on her eyes. They are both pretty common practices from what the midwife said, but we can refuse them if we want to. We are leaning toward no erythromycin ointment and maybe Vitamin K shot. We will make final decisions on that soon since she is coming!
We also have been discussing vaccines and how we want to go about them. We are reading a whole bunch on it. I believe the key is to inform yourself and then make the decision that gives you the most peace. There are some vaccines we want Antonella to receive, there are some others we don't want her to receive. It's been an interesting journey reading about all this things. 

People have been asking me if I put on extensions, 3 different people have asked me, I found the question crazy, I am too hot to put on makeup right now, extensions are definitely not something I would want to deal with at 38 weeks pregnant but my hair has gotten so long I know why they are asking. It is also thicker and it gets less dirty. It is very different than my non-pregnant hair. I like it, I like the fact that it doesn't fall so much even though it will fall by the handfuls after Baby A is born.I have a feeling I'll miss it once I am not pregnant anymore.

Well here we are, ready for week 39 and for Miss Antonella. We'll see how punctual she is. 


Semana 38
Peso +28 libras
Cintura +14 pulgadas
Antojos: Fresas
No me gusta:El calor

Esta semana pasada estuvimos ocupados. Camine tanto e hice tantas cosas que no entiendo porque sigo embarazada jaja, parece que Antonella es como la mama y no le molesta estar ocupada y corriendo. Tuvimos nuestra cita semanal al medico y no subi de peso esta semana, la doctora dijo que era normal, tambien revisaron si Antonella seguia boca abajo y si el liquido amniotico estaba bien de niveles y todo esta en orden. Esta semana empece a sentir contracciones irregulares, braxton hicks me imagino, lo que quiere decir que mi cuerpo se esta preparando. 
Esta semana discutimos un poco mas si queremos que le denla Vitamina K a Antnella cuando nazca y si queremos que le pongan erythromycina en los ojos. Ambas son practicas comunes por lo que nos dijo la doctora, pero tambien nos dijo que podemos pedir que no lo hagan. Por ahora queremos que le den la vitamina K pero no la erythromycina.
Tambien hemos discutido las vacunas y que queremos hacer al respecto. Hemos estado leyendo mucho al respecto. Yo creo que lo importante es informarmos y despues tomar decisiones con las que nos sintamos a gusto y con las que sintamos paz. Hay unas vacunas que queremos que Antonella reciba, pero hay otras que definitavemente no queremos. Ha sido interesante leer al respecto y empezar a informarnos. 
La gente me ha estado preguntando si tengo extensiones en el pelo, 3 personas diferentes me han preguntado, y yo pienso phew, no tengo energia para maquillarme con este calor, ponerme extensiones no es algo con lo que quiera lidiar a estas alturas. Pero yo entiendo porque preguntan, tengo el pelo larguisimo y esta mas grueso y se cae mucho menos, se ensucia menos tambien. Es muy diferente a mi pelo antes del embarazo. A mi me gusta, me gusta como se ve a pesar de que se que se va a caer muchisimo despues de que nazca Antonella.

Y aqui estamos en la semana 39 listos para recibir a Antonella, vamos a ver que tan puntual es.


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