Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Antonella had the most amazing first week. She is so beautiful and so strong and so sweet. I know all parents say their kids are awesome, and it is because they are! 

She likes to sleep with her hand by her face, it's really cute and a habit she imitates from grandpa Willie, if she is going to look so much like her daddy's side of the family it is only fair her mannerisms and habits are from my side, right?

In her first week Antonella got shots, learned to breastfeed, pooped on Mamma, had a couple nights of cluster feeding, smiled a lot, got hundreds of pictures taken and then peed on Mamma. It was quite the eventful week for the little one. And Caleb and I are head over heels, we really cannot get enough of her. 

She likes:
Eating, sleeping, daddy's voice, music. 

She doesn't like:
When mommy wakes her up, having her hands constrained, being held for too long. 

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