Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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The last morning in Bogota Mom woke up really early with pain in her stomach and feeling like she was going to faint. Obviously when we heard she wasn't feeling well we all woke up, prayed for her and my sister gave her a massage that helped ease the pain. After about 30 minutes of praying she was feeling fine, like nothing had ever happened... God is wonderful!

Since we were all up anyways we decided to snuggle together in the same bed, Caleb was there too but he was taking pictures so he's not in the shot. Mom's morning ritual includes calling her sisters so as she called them we decided to tickle each other and be as annoying as we could be. My sister and brother started braiding Mom's hair and she got super annoyed, it was hysterical, she kept pushing them away and they kept coming back while Caleb and I laughed until our bellies ached. My brother sat on me and started tickling me, but my knight in shining armor saved me and Wilson decided never to annoy me again haha. 

I don't like leaving Colombia, it's always sad to leave my family; I miss them so much. We know San Diego is exactly where we are supposed to be, we love being in San Diego and our church family, we love doing what we do. But coming back from Colombia is always a reminder that we are away and we are not able to walk day by day with our loved ones as God reveals Himself to them and unfolds His plan for their life. 

Thank God for iPhones and google phone, right? 


  1. I've never been to Colombia, but a friend of mine goes there often (he is a motivational speaker and the people in Colombia LOVE him!). I LOVE their hot chocolate! Yummy!

  2. You should go sometime, the food is outstanding and the people are pretty nice. I might be biased considering it is where I was born ha.

    My husband loves the hot chocolate too, I make i every now and then but it makes us so warm we don't have a lot of chances to make it here in San Diego.