Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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We are in Colombia!!!

Our flight left at 6am, which means we had to be at LAX at 4am, which means we had to leave Palm Springs at 2am. Yeah, lots of fun... and I'd do it any day if it meant seeing my family and turning the tables on my husband (no more making fun of Jo because she has an accent, at least not anymore for the next two weeks!).

There was a mistake with my ticket so we ended up being at the counter for almost 90 minutes which made us late for the flight which made us have to run to get to the gate, which made us the last people at the gate; they were actually waiting for us, which made our carry-ons the last bags there and therefore the ones that had to be checked in.

The problem was our laptops, our movies, our books, our entertainment was all in those carry-ons. Our solution: fashion magazines woo hoo!!!

We had a layover in Miami and since there was a blizzard up north all flights had been canceled; everything was crazy and our flight was delayed, the magazines were an absolute life saver. Plus I got a few great ideas for Spring. 


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