Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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So Sarah Wagner told me about this wonderful app for my phone called Diptic and now all I do is try and tell stories with my pictures. It's been diffficult since my last few days have been all about shopping for family, packing and organizing my house. But last night we had game night with a few friends, we had a great time, laughed about awkward dates and the whole event gave me an opportunity to use diptic... and here it is is!


  1. I don't know how I got this blogspot, but wow...
    I'm speechless with firstly at the idea and also how wonderful things are going for the both of you in marriage and in ministry.
    Hope your enjoying this last days of this year and I pray God continues His great work with the both of you in the many years coming.
    Much love,
    Victoria C.

  2. Thanks Vic, you are sweet; it truly has been fun this journey. How are you? I just saw you have a blog too, I am looking forward to reading what the Lord had been putting in your heart!
    Praying for a blessed 2011 for you.