Saturday, September 4, 2010

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K and I serve in Kids at our church once a month. We are usually with the kids under 3 which is super fun for us but can also get overwhelming. Last month when we served we had just a few kids and the service went a bit long so all the activities and different games we had we had already done and the little people were getting anxious in the kids room. Do you know what happens when just one kid gets anxious in a small room full of little people? yeah all of them get anxious and feed on each others anxiousness. I came up with a solution; nerds!

I grabbed a small box of nerds, put it in my hand and let them all have a few, it was hysterical, they were all quiet, and complete concentrated on getting those nerds. K thought it was bad "parenting", but effective and funny so he got a video.

Ps. Their parents got there shortly after we got done with the box of nerds so it actually did work, it would have been bad if it would have been another 30 minutes!


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