Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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I have been obsessed with all things kids. I think God is preparing me to be a mommy and I have been praying about being a good one, reading about being a good one, thinking about being a good one, dreaming about being a good one, hoping to be a good one and crying every month when I realize I am not one yet.

In my attempt to be ready for something you can't be ready for, I have stumbled upon the most fun blogs of mommies that are enjoying every second of having the best job on earth. And today I found Louie. Louie is what my kids will call their owl bag, just because in our family we name inanimate objects and make them part of the Luehmann clan.

If you'd like to create a Louie for your kiddos here is the link, if you want to create two I'll take one off of your hands because I still don't know how to sew.

If you have advice on how to be ready for babies and be a good mommy, please do share!


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