Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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I don't really like cards, I feel like I am being unwise with my money when I buy them. I love writing notes and letters, just not on cards. However, I love funny cards that describe how I feel, it's a reminder that I am not crazy and others feel just like I do and we all have crazy lives and say crazy things and laugh at our stories.

So when I stumbled upon the above card for 1.29 at CVS while getting tic tacs because I am hopelessly addicted to them, I had to get it. My birthday is almost here and I thought K could use a Happy Birthday to me card.

My husband is pretty amazing, and he's prefect for me, literally perfect. God created me thinking about him, that's why every second with him is like a fun adventure from a fiction book. I love my life so much sometimes I can't do anything but be grateful for everything in it. That doesn't mean K and I don't disagree every now and then, and I get annoyed, he gets annoyed, we roll our eyes, ask for forgiveness and kiss until we can't remember why we were annoyed. So the card was just perfect, we irritate each other but more than that we love each other!

So K, Happy Birthday to me, I LOVE YOU!!


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