Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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My K took me to Palm Springs for a couple days. It was such a nice time! We got to relax all of Sunday, watched the church service online, and played games. Monday night after a fun day of laying by the pool and going to the movies (watched The Town at 2:35pm and the theater was packed, Palm Springs is just funny) we went to dinner with Pool Poppa and Pool Momma.

Roy's is a Hawaiian Fusion restaurant with outstanding food and great customer service. They had made reservations for my birthday so they had our table ready with a few streamers and my menu had a birthday note for me.

It was such a nice time, I love going to Palm Springs it is always such a nice and relaxing time for us. It also is super entertaining if Pool Poppa and Pool Momma are there, they are so much fun.

Thank you for everything Clay and Kate and K!


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