Sunday, September 5, 2010

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Beca, Erin and I

Beca, Erin and I became close while in Vegas a couple years ago. All three of us were going through an intense 9-month discipleship program and we realized we needed each other to make it through so we leaned on one another. Both Beca and Erin were so good to me even though I wasn't always that wonderful. God really blessed me with them and I love them dearly.

Well Beca is in Tijuana at the moment and she also is having her birthday this coming week, so to celebrate she decided to throw a party yesterday. Erin and I hoped in the trolley and crossed the border without even thinking about it. We miss Becky here in San Diego so any opportunity we get to see her we will take. Hopefully I'll get to see her again soon!

Happy early birthday Becky!


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