Friday, September 17, 2010

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It all started at midnight, K kissed me, sang Happy Birthday and danced for me. The dance was awesome, you guys should have seen it, just outstanding. I think we might make birthday dances a tradition at the Luehmann household.
Then my family started calling me at 430am, it was so nice to hear them even though K and I stayed up until 2am talking and dreaming and planning our lives. Around 7am my K left to bring me breakfast, and he got my favorite: Crème brûlée french toast from Crest Cafe. I was still trying to get a few minutes of sleep when he got back with breakfast but it was a great way to start my day.

Then both me and my K went about our days, we had work, projects, school work, etc and at 3pm he picked me up from Church (where I was working) and he told me to get ready for dinner. So I put on my new skirt, threw on some high heels, a jacket, makeup and voila I was ready for dinner. He suprised me by taking me to the restaurant he took me to the night he proposed to me.

We went to George's at the cove and sat at the terrace. We sat at the same table we did the night he proposed, it was a great treat to go back to the restaurant K took me to the day he proposed, I was having a great day already, but my birthday wasn't over.

We got home after dinner and K asked if I wanted to take a walk with him. We love walking together so I agreed without hesitation but little did I know he still had a surprise under his sleeve. As we were walking he told me to go into Extraordinary Desserts and look for any dessert to celebrate the end of the night, when we walked in I heard the voice of Cara and I kind of realized people were there but I had no idea there were going to be so many people celebrating with us. Mel planned everything with K, it was such a fun surprise.

It was so nice to see everyone there and then get my gigantic card everyone signed and get the bike they all pitched in to buy. It was the perfect gift at the perfect time with the perfect people. I had such a wonderful time and my K managed to surprise me and give me a marvelous birthday.

Thank you love and thank you everyone, you just made my day A-M-A-ZING!


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