Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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With Tim

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Bishop wearing my hat
For Memorial day K and I had tons of options, that's what happens when you have great friends and live at a vacation spot. So we decided to do most of them. Our day started with brunch at Crest Cafe with Tim, one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet.

After our late brunch we headed over to north county to hang out by the pool of one of Cody, one of Caleb's favorite people (I like him too but K really really loves him). We were there with the Brinkman's and the Miller's which equates to tons of kiddos and lots of fun. We got a nice tan, had great homemade chocolate pie, played yahtzee and had fun with the kids.

On our way home we stopped at Marshall's to look for Charlie's cousin for our friend Tranica but failed, so we headed over to what everyone calls the boys house (2 bedroom apartment were in the last 2 years 9 guys have stopped by and lived in for some time) and sang happy birthday to our friend Dan. Tons of things, tons of fun!


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