Thursday, June 17, 2010

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We took a long walk yesterday around downtown while we waited for the tires on my car to be changed. It was such a nice day, the walk was a great idea.

At night after K came home from our friend's Justin's stand up comedy performance (to be seen here soon!) we wanted to watch a movie. We have been trying to be extra quiet at home because our upstairs neighbor works pretty early and has asked us to be conscious of that fact past 9pm. We've done pretty well so far but last night for some odd reason the tv was on pretty loud, so when K turned it on we all jumped and started diving for all remotes and TV buttons but couldn't get to shut it off. After about 10 seconds that felt like 2 minutes we turned it off and all Colombians were dying laughing while my white handsome husband was just serious, mortified about what had happened. He's so cute, that picture is just an example of what we deal with on a daily basis having been raised in different countries... extra fun for the Luehmann's all the time!


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