Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Last year K and I were in Colombia getting ready for our wedding. Lots of running around, lots of meeting; the florist, the musicians for the ceremony, the musicians for the reception, the food tasting (that was the best!), the cake, the dresses for everybody in the wedding, the bouquet, the hotel, the makeup test, the hair test, the rehearsal dinner, the translator, the spa for the day off (it's tradition in Colombia to spend the day at the spa before the wedding, that was nice), the list goes on and on... It was so hectic and so much fun, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We got married on 6/6/09, but that is on Sunday and my sister, brother and cousin are flying into LA that day so we decided to start the celebration yesterday with dinner in La Jolla (were we went the day he proposed), and continue the celebration all the way through Sunday! It all started with tulips and chocolates after K got home, I was completely surprised!

After praying and having a great conversation we headed to La Jolla for late lunch or early dinner, it was 5pm. We went to a small restaurant that has a wonderful view, in the picture K was trying to steal my food, don't mess with Colombian people's food!

It was a great meal with a great view, we talked about our favorite times and spent our dinner reminiscing. It has been such a wonderful year

After dinner we walked around La Jolla, asked strangers to take pictures and sat by the ocean to look at the sunset. I love my life!


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