Friday, March 5, 2010

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What do you do at 11pm when you are hungry and have just left an amazing community group at your pastor's house and you just want to eat a good meal, and talk a little further about all the great things that are happening right now? You go to Crest Cafe

I always order boobies, it's the best pasta you could ever have (Linguini in a gorgonzola cream sauce, with ham, fresh pears and caramelized pecans.) Tonight's was particularly good.

The Baba Louie burger was amazing! So far the best burger I have had in San Diego, hands down. (Ortega chile, jack cheese and guacamole.)

Oh yeah we drink passion fruit tea with out meals, so good.

Yes ladies and gents, that is a mustache, it's due to mustache march, an initiative put forth by Travis, the owner of Pizzicato the best gourmet pizza in downtown San Diego, and my husband's good friend and current boss. I am not sure why or what's the plan, but hey they seem to be having fun, so mustache march it is.


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