Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Bishop and husband are just adorable, aren't they?


For some odd reason I have no good pictures of Hannah, Bishop's sister, in all of the ones she is in she's making a weird face or someone has an arm in front of her =/. I'll have to snap some this Saturday at church because she really adds to this beautiful bunch!

K and I went to UDA's performing arts night. There were 5 kids performing that we know and love so it was a blast to be there and cheer on them. They all did such a wonderful job, we were really glad we were able to be there.

Isn't it crazy how tan and beautiful California kids are? I can't wait to meet mine.... I mean I can but I can't you know!

After the performance we went for a burrito with Alayna, and just because you can never miss an opportunity to dance we danced on the street and Alayna snapped pictures. Such a fun time!


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