Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Yesterday we have a few things to do in the morning so we woke up pretty early, did everything we had to do, my K left to go to work and me and my family found ourselves watching soccer games and the longest tennis match in history when we were done. Once Wimbledon officials decided the match had to continue at a later time because 10 hours playing tennis is simply ridiculous and it was too dark to play, we decided we had to do something (and by the way 10 hours. 163 games. No winner. is insanity and history right there).

One of our friends suggested the county fair, and we thought hey why not. Let me remind you we are Colombian, we don't have fairs down there. I went to a fair in Washington state last year, and it was in a small town, so I figured it'd be different.
It was different, it was that fair times 5, it is huge!!

We had a great time, took forever getting back to our parking spot and got home exhausted after lots and lots of walking. Today is our second try at the Wild Animal Park.


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